Internet Explodes After Indianapolis Woman Posts Video Of Trump Premonition Seen In Clouds

Bobbie Rose (left), cloud formation (right) (Photo: Facebook)

In Indianapolis, Indiana, a woman has just sent the world of social media into a frenzy after posting a video of something she saw in the clouds. Now, the video has gone viral as people say that what the woman saw means something very dark for our country’s future with some even saying it is a premonition of what’s to come for President Donald Trump.

According to The Indy Channel, a woman named Bobbie Rose from Indianapolis was driving on the highway on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, when she noticed something truly strange in the clouds. Now, a lot of us tend to see things in the sky from time to time that just appear to be there in our imagination, but what Rose saw is quite vivid. In fact, some believe it’s a prediction for the assassination of President Donald Trump. Take a look, and see what they are talking about.

The video, also uploaded to YouTube, shows what appears to be “soldiers at war” in the clouds. The main figure looks like a soldier or sniper with a rifle in front of other soldiers. So far, Rose’s post has received over 52k likes and more than 365k shares, according to Rose’s Facebook page.

Some viewers on Facebook who commented on Rose’s post think that the image of soldiers in the clouds means something very ominous for our country. One user named Jessica Via commented, “War is coming, and possibly here,” while another user named Bonnie Bircher said, “I see a man praying in back of man with rifle and another with his hands turned toward God. Asking for mercy.”

With a little more specificity, one other viewer named Alice Sizemore commented, “Wow! With the little despot in North Korea we ought to be scared! Nuclear war is a no, no. the end of out (sic) world as we know it. Shouldn’t all the world leaders be talking peace??? Could the sign in the clouds be a warning?!?”

Some saw something else entirely. In a brief comment, Joel Augustine simply wrote, “Assassination of Trump.” However, others, such as Liva Perez, said it is a sign from God to support our president. She wrote, “Probably a sign from the man upstairs that we might be going to war. We must unite in prayer for America our President, Soldiers and family.”

In contrast, another user named James Hearndon wrote, “First thing I see looks like people with their heads bowed praying and laying hands on one person in the middle! Looks like a lot of praying going on could be the elders praying for each of us and our nation!!!! Just saying.”

Of course, countless people on Facebook commented that “it’s just clouds” or it doesn’t mean anything at all, but an overwhelming number of viewers feel it does mean something. Take a moment to tell us what you see as you share the article and ask your friends what they see. The responses are sure to be just as interesting as the video itself.

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