Infant Has Several Broken Ribs, Cops Furious To Learn Parent’s Sick Secret

Infant Has Several Broken Ribs, Cops Furious To Learn Parent's Sick Secret
Billy Dewayne Taylor (left), Jennifer Dawn Davis (right), stock image for visual representation (center)

A couple from Madison County, North Carolina, is behind bars after their 7-week-old daughter was found to have several broken ribs. Cops were left infuriated once they learned the parents’ sick secret — and it will undoubtedly make your stomach churn in disgust.

Police received a call from the Department of Social Services when it was brought to their attention that a 7-week-old baby was undoubtedly suffering from abuse. When police saw the infant and realized that she not only had five broken ribs but had an additional five fractured ribs, some in various stages of healing, and two broken legs, they were left sickened. However, things only got worse when police learned the parents’ sick secret – the abuse started when the baby was only 4-weeks-old and the baby’s mother just watched as her infant screamed in agony.

The baby’s father, Billy Dewayne Taylor, was responsible for all of the child’s injuries, while the child’s mother, Jennifer Dawn Davis, simply watched or allowed it to happen. Sadly, when Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood interviewed the couple, it was determined that the mother had heard “blood-curdling screams coming from the child” on at least two or three occasions, according to Crime Watch Daily.

Taylor has since been charged with “two counts felony child abuse, for purposely and cruelly breaking the infant’s ribs and legs on separate occasions,” according to WLOS. He is currently being held under a half-a-million-dollar bond at Raleigh Correctional Facility. In addition, the pathetic mother has been charged with “two counts of felony child abuse for purposely delaying vital emergency medical treatment for the infant and attempting to conceal the gruesome assaults on the infant.” She is currently behind bars in Madison County under an $80,000 bond.

As for the baby, she has been hospitalized at Mission Hospital in Asheville, recovering from the severe beatings. In fact, it was determined there that not only did the child have several fractured other ribs that are currently in various stages of healing from previous assaults, but she also sustained internal swelling as a result of the most recent assault by her scum of a father.

It’s absolutely disgusting to think that there are people who would actually want to harm their children. Making matters even worse, this particular couple was so disgusting, they repeatedly caused painful injuries on their innocent infant and didn’t care that they left her suffering with severe injuries.

If you can’t handle the responsibility of being a parent, then don’t ruin an innocent child’s life over it. Instead, act like a responsible adult for one minute in your pathetic life and either get help or place your child up for adoption. Even better yet, they could have used North Carolina’s Safe Surrender Law, which allows an overwhelmed parent to surrender a newborn (up to seven days old) to a responsible adult, safely and anonymously.

There are many people who would love to have the opportunity to raise a child, and if you find yourself overwhelmed with your responsibility as a parent, then give the child a chance to have a normal and happy life with someone who can show them what true love is.

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