‘Innocent’ Pic Of Newborn Goes Viral, Viewers Appalled By What’s In The Background

A seemingly “innocent” picture of an infant just moments after being born is going viral online. At first, the photo looks to be no more than a crying baby being held by a beaming nurse. However, upon closer glance, viewers have been left appalled by what is in the background of the image.

A photo taken in a hospital delivery room went viral online when viewers noticed what was in the background. (Photo Credit: Reddit)

In this day and age, nearly everyone has a smartphone at the ready to capture moments as mundane as a meal or as meaningful as the birth of a child. And, just as soon as we snap the perfect photo, complete with flattering filter, it is typically posted to social media in short order. Indeed, little about our lives is actually private these days, with people sharing everything from what they ate for breakfast to what they wore to work. However, one family learned the hard way that a bit more discretion surrounding what we post to social media is prudent.

According to The Sun, a photo originally posted to Reddit was shared on the Facebook page Bubs Warehouse International last week, where it has racked up 7,100 reactions and 4,000 comments. It shows a woman dressed in scrubs while holding a crying baby wrapped in a towel, who seems to have only been born minutes before. The picture is captioned, “Some people are in such a hurry to put the picture of baby on Facebook. They just forget some things before posting.”

In this case, they forgot to check the background. Behind the nurse who is holding the crying child, the baby’s mother is lying on a hospital bed, legs spread wide open after having just given birth.

Like when you see it 😂

Posted by Bubs Warehouse International on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The picture elicited a plethora of comments from social media users, some of whom expressed their sympathies to the mother and others who shared stories of similar events which happened to them. Apparently, this is something which happens more often than you’d think. People are apparently so quick to post a photo of their newest family member on Facebook that they routinely compromise the modesty of the child’s mother, who just went through the most physically and emotionally taxing experience of her life.

“Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son,” wrote fellow mom Amanda Wickins. “My mum did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realising. Yep I was in the photo.”

The same thing had happened to Ariana Brooks, who added, “This actually was my mum she got camera happy in the delivery room beautiful newborn baby and completely forgetting my vagina was out. Thankfully it didn’t make Facebook, it did get printed at the photographers though.”

If this is not indicative of our culture’s dangerous obsession with social media, I don’t know what is. This poor woman has had her modesty forever compromised, and for what? So the world could see her baby within seconds of the child being pulled from her loins? Not exactly worth it, if you ask me. I’m sure she was mortified once she found out what happened. Please, people, let’s show better judgment when it comes to what we share with the world.

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