Intelligence Officer’s Shocking Admission FINALLY EXPOSES DNC Hacker

President Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (center), Vladimir Putin (right)

The story of who hacked the Democrat National Committee is unraveling faster than the media can spin it, and if you think that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC, think again. An intelligence officer made a shocking admission, finally exposing who did it — and it’s not who the left and their lapdog mainstream media have been trying to convince us was behind it all.

Since prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Democrats and their friends in the liberal mainstream media have attempted to discredit Trump by tying him to the Russians. Trump appointees like General Michael Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are two prominent names that came under fire for supposed underhanded dealings with Russian agents.

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The liberals are doing everything that they can to discredit Trump’s election and somehow shift the blame to a foreign entity. They would rather blame anyone than accept the notion that the American Electorate has become tired of the corruption of career politicians, like Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the Democrats should search a little closer to home for the culprits who hacked the DNC and exposed the Clintons for what they are. According to Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer (ret), organizations like WikiLeaks did not need Russia’s help to do their work.

Shaffer made a shocking admission to Sean Hannity. “Sean, we did it. Not me, but our guys, former members of NSA, retired intelligence officers used these tools to break in there and get the information out,” he said, but it’s his next sentence that’s more revealing than the confession of who actually did it. “That’s what the Democrats don’t want to talk about because it doesn’t fit their narrative,” Shaffer added.

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Rather than seeking out the truth, which would help promote democracy in America, the liberals want to create more false narratives to discredit Trump. Their goal is power, not justice or truth.

Ironically, these are the same tactics that caused the American public to become disgusted with Hillary Clinton and her campaign, to begin with. The creation of constant narratives, designed to secure power rather than serve people and promote justice, were a driving factor in Donald Trump’s historic upset over Hillary Clinton.

The truth has now been made public, but will it be hidden from the average citizen by the media? Not if American patriots have anything to do about it. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s time to blow this story wide open, making sure the truth reaches every citizen, forcing the left to abandon this despicable rhetoric and face the music. They lied, they lost, and Americans are beyond fed up with it all.

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[h/t: Red State Watcher, Gateway Pundit]