Intruder Breaks Into Army Vet’s Home, Gets More Than A Fist In The Face

Intruder Breaks Into Army Vet's Home, Gets More Than A Fist In The Face
Greg Silvery (left), stock photo of a break-in (right)

A disabled Army veteran and his family were sleeping in their home when an intruder decided to try to make his way inside. However, as soon as the veteran heard his son screaming, he rushed downstairs and instinctively gave the unwelcome guest more than just a fist in the face.

Greg Silvery, a disabled Army veteran from Riverdale, Georgia, and his family were sleeping soundly when he was suddenly awakened by the sound of one of his sons screaming for help. As any father would do, he jumped right out of bed and rushed downstairs to see what was wrong and discovered that there was an intruder trying to break into their home. Greg didn’t hesitate to introduce his fist to the unwelcome guest’s face, but that wasn’t all that he gave him. The intruder also got a nice, full view of his naked body.

Since Greg was in a sound sleep when he heard his son’s screams for help, he was forced to defend his family in his birthday suit. When he was downstairs, it didn’t take long for him to realize that his son was trying to push the front door closed as a man was trying to get in. It was then that the disabled veteran made a choice to protect his family and swing with all his might as he punched the intruder in the face.

“My naked behind is coming and then my youngest son has a big cook knife behind me,” Silvery explained, according to Political Insider. “We are looking at the guy, first he was trying to punch to get in, now he is trying to push to get away.” After giving it his all as he swung his arm for the punch, he admits, “I saw his eyes roll back… and he fell back.”

Intruder Breaks Into Army Vet's Home, Gets More Than A Fist In The Face
Greg Silvery showing how he punched the intruder (Image Source: Fox 5)

Greg then used the opportunity to quickly slam the door shut, laid across the floor, and told his family to get back just in case the intruder had a gun. Meanwhile, his wife Rhonda dialed 911. It wasn’t until he was laying on the floor that he realized he was naked. “It dawned on me when I was laying on the floor because something was sticking me in my naked butt, and I was like, I ain’t got no clothes on,” Greg laughed. Unfortunately, by the time the Riverdale Police arrived on the scene, the intruder had already made his getaway.

“You have something in there that I want and I am willing to take it and I am telling him I got something here that I love, I love that woman more than I love myself,” said Greg, according to Fox News. “I am sorry he got hurt, but he came in to do dirt so dirt was done to him,” added Greg’s wife Rhonda.

If you’re going to enter someone’s home uninvited, be prepared to leave in handcuffs or with a bloodied face at a minimum. I think the intruder learned a brutal lesson — don’t break into anyone’s home, but if you’re going to do it, definitely don’t break into a veteran’s home. Clearly, they are forces to be reckoned with.

However, I’d like to think that anyone would protect their loved ones just as Greg did. Thankfully, the intruder will undoubtedly spend the next few days with a headache after getting punched in the face by a naked man who wasn’t about to let him harm his family.

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