Guy Breaks In House Looking For Meds, Finds Shocking Scene Inside Instead

Guy Breaks In House Looking For Meds, Finds Shocking Scene Inside Instead
Steven Sheppard (left), Washington state home that Sheppard entered (right)

A drug addict in Washington state picked a couple’s home to pilfer through in search of prescription medications he could use to get high. Thinking nobody was inside, he got the shock of his life when he snuck through the back and into the last scene he ever expected to find.

Steven Sheppard, 25, had become desperate for drugs and was willing to go to any length to get them, including helping himself to homes in a retirement community where he was sure his chances of finding what he was looking for were pretty good. It’s unclear how many homes he hit before ending up at this couple’s residence, but what he didn’t realize, is that they weren’t your typical elderly retired couple.

According to Q13 Fox, Sheppard came in through the back door of the home and was rummaging through the medicine cabinet, when he looked over his should and saw a 75-year-old man there. Not wanting him to get in the way of his plans, Sheppard pulled out a knife and began stabbing the homeowner in his abdomen, when the man’s 80-year-old wife walked in.

Without a second of hesitation, when she saw her husband under attack, she picked up her gun and unloaded it on Sheppard. The intruder was killed on the spot and the woman saved her husband’s life, as well as the couple’s adult son’s life, who is in his 40’s and was also home at the time with his parents.

“She didn’t think a second about it,” the couple’s neighbor, Richard Cross, told the news station. “I mean it was just automatic. She emptied the gun.” This wasn’t Sheppard’s first burglary he was caught in, he did time in 2013 for an armed robbery, but this frail elderly woman made sure it was his last. “It could have been a very bad situation,” Cross said. “It could have been three homicides over there instead of one intruder biting the dust.”

News reports are referring to Sheppard as the “victim,” when in fact he got exactly what he had coming when he broke into a stranger’s house and started stabbing a man. The 75-year-old is in the hospital, where he’s listed in serious condition — he is the victim here, but he has his fearless wife to thank for saving his life.

This woman did exactly as she should have to protect herself and her family, which is a right she has at any age. Elderly people are often targeted because they are presumed defenseless, which is too frequently the case because they aren’t armed. The best way to reduce crime, is for more people to defend themselves against it and put other intruders on notice that breaking and entering is a game of Russian roulette, even in a retirement community.