Iowa Marching Band Walks Off Field Before Anthem, Spectators Teach Them Brutal Lesson

During a hometown football game on Friday night, more than a dozen members of Ames High School Marching Band linked arms and walked off the field before a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Meanwhile, other band members refused to play their instruments, citing racial injustice and a number of other excuses, while blaming President Donald Trump for their sick act. However, while the students may have been proud of themselves during the disrespectful protest, spectators were definitely not amused and decided to teach the ungrateful little brats a brutal lesson which they sorely needed to learn.

Members of the Ames High School marching band protested the national anthem by walking off the field. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/The Des Moines Register)

According to local media, after a group of students from the marching band at Ames High School in Iowa decided to protest the national anthem in the vain of professional athletes like Colin Kaepernick, spectators gave them a piece of their mind.

More than a dozen members of the Ames High School marching band Friday became the latest Iowa students to make a statement surrounding the playing of the national anthem.

Thirteen band members linked arms and walked off the field during a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” prior to the Little Cyclones’ home football game against Des Moines Lincoln.

Additionally, an unknown number of band members decided not to play their instruments during the anthem. [Source: The Des Moines Register]

Spectators in the stands, however, were not happy that their hometown football game was hijacked by a group of budding social justice warriors. The onlookers immediately began loudly cursing at the students as they walked off the field, letting them know that their disrespectful display would not be tolerated.

“How can we be unified if there’s racism, sexism, and homophobia in our school?” said sophomore Lara Murray, one of the students who walked off the field ahead of Friday’s game. “I had a lot of second thoughts on it, but I thought I was going to regret it more if I didn’t do something.”

“We wanted to make this a movement, not a trend,” echoed band member Petr Karpov, according to The Gateway Pundit. “It was for taking a stand against racial prejudice.”

“It was an expression of my anger and sadness in the direction our country is heading,” added a student named Kira Davis, who also joined the protest. “It’s to express I stand with people who are feeling persecuted or marginalized by the current president or people in power.”

As a parent, you hope that by involving your children in extracurricular activities, they will foster values like hard work, integrity, and respect. However, it seems that in our increasingly liberal society, the adults in charge of educating our children are less and less likely to encourage adolescents to do the right thing.

The leader of the Ames High School Marching Band should have never allowed these students to protest our national anthem, and anyone who decided to do so anyway should have been punished. Sadly, that isn’t what happened.

While spectators at the football game cursed the disrespectful students who walked out before the anthem was played, their teachers did little to deter them from future protests. When the next generation comes of age without basic life skills, it will be these liberal educators whom we have to thank.

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