Iranian Ship Blocks US Destroyer, Navy Hits 1 Button That Shows Who’s Boss

As Iranian Ship Blocks US Destroyer, Navy Hits 1 Button That Unleashes Hell
U.S. Navy ship being “intercepted” during a training exercise (stock, left) and a military demonstration (stock, right)

America’s enemies are currently trying to feel out our new president to see just how much they can get away with. Unfortunately, Iran seems to be among the most recent to do just that as they sent out an Iranian ship to intercept a U.S. destroyer – and that’s about the time that they learned their big mistake too late when the Navy hit just one button.

The incident took place in the Persian Gulf where an Iranian Revolutionary Guard “fast attack craft” was deployed to head off the guided-missile destroyer USS Mahan. Although the Navy ship didn’t think things would progress to the level which they did, they stood ready with weapons manned as they instructed the encroaching ship to turn around over the radio.

However, things took a turn when the Iranian vessel ignored the orders and came within “1000 yards” of the destroyer, prompting the captain to take action. He ordered sailors to hit just one button that would show who’s boss and get their point across without question.

“Coming inbound at a high rate of speed like that and manning weapons, despite clear warnings from the ship, is obviously provocative behavior,” said one American official while describing the Iranian actions. According to reports, the USS Mahan fired a few warning flares with sirens blaring to tell the Iranian ship to “back off.”

As Iranian Ship Blocks US Destroyer, Navy Hits 1 Button That Unleashes Hell
USS Mahan

Fortunately, it seems that the show of force that sent fire blazing through the sky was enough to send the cowards running. Just like that, they turned around and left the USS Mahan to continue on its way unhindered from that point on.

As previously noted, America’s enemies often “test” our great country to see what they can get away with just like a toddler does with their parent. Too bad for them, the former spineless leader is no longer in office as they got away with quite a bit more during the days of Barack Obama.

In January, USS Mahan fired warning shots at four Iranian vessels near the Strait of Hormuz. In that incident, the Mahan tried to order the boats to stop via bridge-to-bridge radio communication, but the vessels didn’t respond, prompting the destroyer to fire three warning shots with a .50 caliber machine gun.

According to the U.S. military, Iran harassed U.S. Navy warships through “unprofessional” interactions at least 35 times in 2016, a jump of more than 50 percent from the previous year. [Source: Fox News]

Of course, that was allowed to happen under Obama’s administration, but now, they have to deal with a leader unafraid to flex his military muscle to get his point across – and things aren’t going nearly as well for them as they were just a few short months ago. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that our miserable excuse for a Commander-in-Chief (Obama) allowed our sailors to be captured and for this to happen:

As Iranian Ship Blocks US Destroyer, Navy Hits 1 Button That Unleashes Hell
U.S. sailors captured by Iran in January of 2016

Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore as morons like the ones on that boat are learning that America is a force to be reckoned with. It’s nice to see our military and those who fill its ranks valued once again and a leader willing to show the world who’s in charge.