ISIS Picks The WRONG Chicks, Pays The Price After Attacking Female Soldiers

It was a day like any other for two female soldiers going about their business in Iraq until they were stopped by the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh). It wasn’t until the women began firing upon the jihadists that the militants learned they had messed with the wrong chicks – and boy, did they pay the price.

The two British soldiers in their mid-20’s were working alongside British Special Forces (SAS) as officers in the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) and had been in Iraq for a few months. Successful in recruiting many female assets to help with their intelligence led operations, the two women recently set out to do it again.

ISIS Picks The WRONG Chicks, Pays The Price After Attacking Female Soldiers
Stock photo of ISIS, Source: Mail Online

While trying to make their way to a potential asset, they were forced to pass through an ISIS checkpoint somewhere near the Syrian border. However, things took a turn when the jihadists became suspicious of the women, and the female soldiers started shooting before the men could expose them.

Armed with pistols and submachine guns, the two women reportedly took out a number of Islamic militants before retreating to their bullet-riddled car and making a clean getaway. During an interview with Daily Star, an unidentified British defense source said, “These women are probably the most deadly in the armed forces.”

Female Soldiers Shoot Their Way Out Of ISIS Attack
Stock photo of female British soldiers (not the women in question), Source: Daily Star

“They are extremely fit, intelligent, and very professional. They handled themselves really well and have proved to be just as good as the men in every respect,” he went on to say. “They were really up for the fight once they were compromised.”

Unfortunately for those dumb enough to pick the fight, they learned that reality the hard way. Although the women are often given a hard time by fellow soldiers in a joking sort of way, they’re ultimately respected as the most lethal women in the world. Those that don’t believe it can go ask the Muslim extremists who were cut down for messing with the wrong chicks.

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