ISIS Tells Children To Raise Their Arms To Determine Whether They Live Or Die

Following the commands of Allah in the Quran, the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) decides the fate of others in the same ways their prophet Muhammad once did. Children are told to raise their arms as they are checked for one thing that will determine whether they live or die.

After Muhammad pillaged through villages and killed the adults, he kept the children as assets — the girls for sex slaves, and the boys for recruits. In deciding whether they would die or become his pawns for his bidding, Muhammad would tell the children to rais their arms. If they had grown hair, they were killed.

Now, in 2015, history is repeating itself. Reports from rescued children report the horror they experienced. First watching ISIS roll over their town, and then the mass killing of all the adult males. This is a report from a boy in hiding in Germany, who was rescued from the Islamic State [via Jihad Watch]:

A Yazidi slave who was forced to become an ISIS child soldier has told how his life was spared because he didn’t have any armpit hair.

Ahmed Aslef was just ten years old when jihadi gunmen stormed the Iraqi village of Kocho, lined them up and massacred around 800 men, women and children last year.

He said the youngsters were told to raise their arms and those without underarm hair were judged too young to be murdered.

Those who did were ruled to be older than ten and shot on the spot, he added.

They were instead recruited into the terror group’s notorious youth wing, known as the Cubs of the Caliphate, to be groomed into sadistic killers.

His two young sisters also survived, but only to be sold as sex slaves along with other members of his family in the cities of Mosul and Raqqa….


The “Cubs of the Caliphate” are indoctrinated to become murder machines. Children witnessing such horror and trauma are the best candidates for brainwashing. Staying alive and bonding with your captors happens quickly with a traumatized child. These boys become hardcore Islamic State terrorists, ingrained with the ideology that murdered or enslaved their families.

Americans can not imagine such horrors. We read about these things and go about our day. As we are working or shopping for Christmas, the reality that somewhere half-way around the world children are molded as trained killers is surreal.

President Obama wants to keep it surreal. He is betting we will go about our days, distracted by mundane things, and forget about the extreme evilness that is at our gates. Obama and leftist propaganda ingrain in our heads that our guns and our religion make us the extremists.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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