WATCH: ISIS Cowards Become Blubbering Crybabies While Being Chased By A Tank, Then… BOOM!

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An incredible video is going viral after a few members of ISIS decided to record themselves carrying out jihad. Too bad for them, the wannabe tough guys quickly turned into a bunch of blubbering crybabies after seeing that they were being chased by a tank. In the end, the last sound viewers hear is a resounding “boom” and screams — you don’t want to miss this.

WATCH: ISIS Cowards Become Blubbering Crybabies While Being Chased By A Tank, Then… BOOM!
Images from the video recorded in Syria (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The incident reportedly took place in Syria after a few ISIS terrorists decided to go and pick a fight. Too bad for them, things instantly took a turn for the worse as the men realized they were outgunned and decided to make a run for it.

ISIS is dwindling in numbers. With radical members dying left and right and no one wanting to refill their ranks, it’s easy to see that it’s not a winning strategy. When the opposition has a change in leadership and the new guy, President Donald Trump, isn’t afraid to fight you unlike the last guy, former President Barack Obama, who merely let the “jayvee” team go about their business, well, that’s not good news for ISIS.

Currently, that’s exactly what ISIS is experiencing since they’ve been run out of their stronghold in Syria and are now being squeezed out of every other place they seek refuge. Although they’re still attacking, they’re nowhere near as powerful as they once were and continue shrinking in numbers with each passing day. Those who are left aren’t quite the impressive soldiers that the terror group would want you to think they are.

As it turns out, a video out of Syria shows just how incompetent the soldiers in their so-called “army” are, as they turned into blubbering crybabies after seeing they were on the losing end. Trying to flee from the area, the idiots become more and more frantic as they realize their escape plan isn’t exactly working.

The YouTube footage, believed to have been recorded on a GoPro camera in September, shows the panicking crew and, worst of all, their useless leader. Too bad for them, everything abruptly ended with a resounding “boom.”

Marshalled by a fighter heard shouting orders into a two-way radio, the half dozen or so ISIS fighters were filmed peppering rounds aimlessly in both directions.

Calling for reinforcement, his voice breaking in distress, the dramatic footage shows the fighter’s last desperate attempts to avoid death.

Shouting in Arabic, the ISIS soldiers call out what directions the rounds are coming from, while their leader screams for the driver to watch out for the tank, knowing a direct hit was incoming.

Calls of ‘left, left,’ and ‘the tank is on the right,’ proved futile as a hit from the right side set the tank ablaze, killing everybody inside. [Source: Mail Online]

Just like that, screams break out after their vehicle was presumably struck with a tank round and the frame goes orange from the fire that erupts from the blast. In the end, most of the men inside are believed to have died, seeing how quiet the men were after the explosion.

Whatever the case may be here, there isn’t a single person that is losing sleep over a few dead ISIS cowards. Even better yet, it seems that their death was just a small taste of what they’ll be doing for the rest of eternity – screaming in agony as a fire blazes around them.

If ever there was proof of the incompetence of ISIS, this video is it. Even worse yet, it’s a national embarrassment that former President Barack Obama couldn’t take out this bunch of amateurs. Too bad for him, he has the blood of millions on his hands as appearance and politics mattered more than the lives of innocents. Disgusting.