WATCH: ISIS Fighter Caught, Gets Force Fed NASTY Dose Of His Own Medicine

Although the focus has been taken off the threat of ISIS because of President Barack Obama’s dangerous policy of ignoring it, the terrorist group is still out there. Unfortunately for one fighter belonging to the Islamic group, he was recently captured, but the bad news came as he was force fed a nasty spoonful of his own medicine – and it wasn’t pretty.

Obama would have you simply forget about the threat that ISIS poses to the world because of one disturbing reason; it makes the religion of Islam look bad. Sadly, his hopes of merely wishing away the threat the Islamic jihadists pose on the world just isn’t working, but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t trying to do something about it.

Proving just that is a video taken in Mosul, Iraq after a few soldiers got their hands on an ISIS militant. Captured during a battle of some kind, the man was bound and clearly fearing for his life as he was lying on the ground.

Knowing what ISIS is capable of doing, the soldiers decide to carry out their own form of justice by stomping on their captive – but the worst was yet to come. Heard at the 28-second mark, Live Leak reports that one of the soldiers asked the commanding officer on the scene if he could enact “revenge for my brother.”

Of course, soldiers in Iraq don’t exactly adhere to the Geneva Convention, which promises the fair treatment of prisoners of war, which resulted in the commander simply saying “OK, go.” Just like that, the soldier who made the request was marching the ISIS fighter out from the middle of the group and kicked him down a small hill.

WATCH: ISIS Fighter Caught, Gets Force Fed NASTY Dose Of His Own Medicine
(Photo Source: Live Leak)

Although it can’t be seen, gunfire soon erupts as the Islamic terrorist is believed to have been gunned down and sent straight to hell. We’ve all seen what ISIS does to those they capture, so he got off easy in terms of that, but in the end, he was given a heaping spoonful of his own medicine as he was promptly put to death.

Unfortunately, morons like Barack Obama won’t acknowledge that this is the only language that ISIS speaks and is what is necessary if we hope to neutralize the threat they pose on this planet. With violence running rampant in the Middle East and some world leaders hesitant to do anything so not to tarnish their political career, it’s nice to see that some still have the spine to do what is necessary.