[VIDEO] ISIS Fighter Captured & Paraded By Kurds, But Look Where He’s From

A 27-year-old Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) fighter was recently captured by Kurds and paraded on TV after he mistakenly entered their territory. However, it’s not just video of his humiliation that has people talking. After discovering where he’s from, many have been left in shock and disbelief.

After joining ISIS 2 months ago, Muhammad Jamal Amin was arrested by Kurdish forces in Syria near the frontline in Shingal, also known as Sinjar, in Iraqi Kurdistan after reportedly trying to defect from the terrorist organization, Daily Mail reports. Allegedly, he was captured when he confused the Kurdish frontline with the Turkish border. As he approached, Peshmerga forces fired warning shots at Amin, who then identified himself as an ISIS defector before being arrested.

Captured ISIS fighter, Muhammad Jamal Amin

Following his capture, Kurdish TV showed Amin being paraded in front of the camera and interrogated by a Peshmerga commander. However, it’s not just the footage that has people talking.

As heard in the video, the captured ISIS fighter claims to be from the United States, stating so with a perfect American accent. According to Rudaw, a Kurdish media network, Muhammad Jamal Amin is a Virginia-born American citizen of a Palestinian father and Iraqi mother from Mosul. Kurdish TV further reports that Amin was identified by documents seized from him.

Documents seized, identifying Amin as a Virginia
Documents seized, identifying Amin as a Virginia-born American citizen (Source: Rudaw)

According to the Peshmerga commander of the Shingal front, who didn’t want to be named, the ISIS militant entered Syria from Turkey two months ago, after which he travelled to Mosul and joined ISIS. On his way back to Turkey, he walked into Peshmerga hands after mistaking the Peshmerga territory for the Turkish border.

Although the Peshmerga fired on him, he reached their base and the Kurds detained him. As he was paraded in front of the cameras while being interrogated, he aked the Peshmerga forces to stop filming him, to which the Peshmerga commander irritably asked, “Why no camera?” according to Daily Mail.

The brief clip seen in the video above begins shortly after this, as Amin is asked where he is from and bows his head, quietly confirming that he’s an American citizen when he says “United States” with a flawless American accent. However, as Daily Mail further reports, when Amin is asked if he is of American heritage, he replies, “No, Iraq,” explaining that his mother is “from here, Mosul.”

Although the man’s arrest was announced by Kurdish forces on Monday morning, the Pentagon has said it could not immediately confirm the incident, while the US Embassy in Baghdad has yet to confirm the detention of an American citizen, according to Daily Mail.

One can only wonder if the delayed response from the US is to allow time for Barack Obama to decide how to twist this to his favor, since it seemingly blows his false reassurances out of the water. Radical Islam is here, as our own citizens travel to fight alongside the Islamic State terrorist organization. While this Virginian was captured before his return, how many like him will once again reenter the US after committing barbaric atrocities for the Islamic Caliphate? ISIS isn’t contained. It’s spreading, and it’s spreading here.

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