VIDEO: ISIS Jihadis Turn Crybaby As Soldiers Give Them Taste Of Their Own Medicine

GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Jihadis Turn Crybaby As Soldiers Give Them Taste Of Their Own Medicine
Images from video shot in Iraq

Most of the world is aware that the Iraqi town of Mosul has recently been liberated from ISIS, but there’s still a lot of cleaning up to do. Proving just that is a graphic video that is going viral after a few jihadi fighters were captured – and let’s just say they instantly turned into blubbering crybabies as soldiers force fed them a nasty dose of their own medicine.

As we all know, President Barack Obama was never able to destroy the evil Islamic organization that he was ultimately responsible for allowing to come to be. However, President Donald Trump just proved that he’s dedicated to fixing the mess his predecessor left behind.

Most recently, he – along with a massive coalition of other dedicated countries – declared victory and announced that they had taken back Mosul from ISIS, which the terrorists had kept since 2014. Unfortunately, things are far from over since, even though the jihadis just got their butts kicked, there are still pockets of insurgents lurking around the city, ready to fight.

However, they may want to think twice after hearing what’s coming for them. As it turns out, Iraqi soldiers are going block by block, clearing areas. Of course, they naturally find a few ISIS fighters still hanging out – but it’s what they do to them that has the attention of so many.

According to Mail Online, soldiers are giving ISIS fighters a taste of their own medicine, resulting in the once-smug jihadis turning into blubbering crybabies. Clearly seen in a video that is going viral on social media, ISIS fighters are being thrown from tall buildings or cliff sides before soldiers shoot their corpses where they lie to ensure they’re dead and gone for good.

Human rights organizations have taken issue with the executions and have brought the video to the attention of the Iraqi government. As BBC reports, “The Iraqi government has said it is investigating a video seemingly showing troops killing suspected Islamic State militants detained in the Mosul area.”

Unfortunately for the ISIS fighters, they have drummed up little sympathy with regards to how they’re being treated. After all, if someone had come into your country, taken over a large city, and forced everyone inside to live by rules you don’t agree with, under the threat of death – how would you feel about them?

Chances are, I’d make sure that every single one of them was dead and physically unable to regroup at a later time and make a second attempt. In the end, it only makes sense to ensure that these vile human beings can never victimize or take advantage of another, in the way that they did, ever again. Even more so, this extermination should be carried out with extreme prejudice to further urge against such action from others in the future. Cry all you want about dead ISIS fighters, but you won’t find any sympathy here.

After watching for years as these monsters butchered innocent men, women, and children simply because they felt like it, while the world simply watched on, I’d say the Iraqi people more than deserve their pound of flesh. A message needs to be sent to the evil of the world – and that’s exactly what’s happening here. ISIS does not deserve mercy. They deserve to be extinct by whatever means necessary.

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