[WATCH] ISIS Moron Makes BIG Mistake, HORRIFIED When There’s No Virgins

[WATCH] ISIS Moron Makes BIG Mistake, HORRIFIED When There’s No Virgins
An ISIS idiot made one big mistake while fighting the Syrian army and would later deeply regret his decision.
There’s no shortage of morons filling the ranks of ISIS, and that has been proven time and time again. In fact, a video is going viral after one more idiot decided to make the biggest mistake of his life – and you can imagine his surprise when he realized that there were no virgins where he was headed.

The incident reportedly took place in Raqqa, Syria, where the national army is working to oust the Islamic State from within their borders once and for all. Of course, as is usually the case with ISIS, soldiers within their ranks are willing to do anything to keep that from happening – including sacrificing their very lives.

As we all know, the Quran is rife with verses of violence, making it easy to convince Islamic jihadists to kill themselves in the name of their “god.” Under the false pretenses of riches and rewards in the afterlife including a large supply of virgins for their devious sexual desires, countless Muslims have committed suicide in hopes of enjoying this pervert’s paradise.

In fact, one such moron did just that while fighting against Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters. After strapping a bomb to himself, the Muslim maniac mustered up the courage to run towards the enemy before detonating – but there was just one problem.

As seen in a video captured of the event, the SDF soldiers were a bit farther away than the ISIS fighter thought. Just like that, the man ran around the corner and killed himself, thinking the enemy would be surprised, but he merely only killed himself in the process.

Come to find out, the SDF soldiers knew the man was coming and decided to take a few steps back and seek cover behind an armored vehicle. As a result, they all survived, meaning the ISIS fighter died for absolutely nothing.

Of course, as he didn’t kill any infidels in the process, all this turned out to be was a case of glorified suicide – a notion frowned upon in the religion of Islam. In the end, this man not only didn’t get the 72 virgins he was promised but will spend the rest of eternity in hell for an unforgivable sin, according to his own religion.

It’s funny how karma always has a way of coming around to bite the bad guys in the end. Even better yet, I would have loved to see this Muslim’s face after being told he didn’t kill anyone and was going to spend all of eternity in hell. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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