ISIS’ Worst Nightmare: An Axe-Wielding Badass Known As ‘Angel Of Death’

There is a single man who has the entire ranks of ISIS virtually shaking in their boots. According to reports, a legendary commander, known only as the “Angel of Death,” fights among the combating militias, and he is making waves as he tears through and destroys the Islamic jihadists.

Fighting in Iraq alongside the Iraqi army, there is Iranian-backed Shia militias, and among them sits the single most frightening nemesis ISIS has ever encountered. According to Voactive, his name is only known as Abu-Azrael (“Angel of death” in Arabic), and he is a “legendary commander from the al-Imam Ali brigades.”

He’s become a warrior legend with many, and a social media page was created in his honor. As his supporters continue to grow in numbers, he’s been depicted – and praised for – wielding large firearms, axes, swords, and even “abusing the corpses of ISIS fighters.”

There’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding Azrael, but many rumors have circulated regarding his past, including his name, which may actually be Ayoub. Some claim that he previously worked as a university professor before joining the fight against ISIS.

Others say he was Iraq’s national Taekwondo champion at one point in time. However, as the legend grows, so does Azrael’s superhuman-like attributes, leaving those interested unable to separate fact from fiction.

As Shia forces have joined hand in hand with Iraqi forces, there are many reports of the allies ripping through the ranks of ISIS with ease. The pictures and videos of Azrael seem to show a man who loves killing just as much as those he opposes. That being said, maybe this is exactly what is needed in such an instance.

Though this man may love killing his enemy and portrays a certain amount of bloodlust, it appears that without ISIS he never would have come to be. However, as the world’s leaders continue to neglect the threat of ISIS, Azrael is exactly what is needed; a certified badass willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the threat of ISIS – even if that means getting down and dirty with them.

(h/t: Voactive)
(Image source: RT)

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