New Video: English-Speaking ISIS Thug’s Frightening Threat Against Americans

Propaganda videos are nothing new from the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh). However, newly released footage from an English-speaking ISIS thug does more than offer a warning to the United States. It declares a frightening threat, and we need to pay attention. The threat isn’t made towards our leaders, it’s declared against us — innocent US citizens – as the video begins with the words, “A message to America…”

A British-sounding ISIS militant has vowed that America will be attacked “very soon” in a murderous rampage “just like Paris,” The Sun reports. In the disturbing new video, the terrorist regime issues a chilling threat to President Barack Obama, our nation, and its people, and it should have us all concerned.

Against a backdrop of troubling footage, including conflicts in the Middle East and harrowing scenes from the Paris attack, the ISIS thug says, “To Obama, the dog of Rome, haven’t you learned your lesson yet?” but he quickly makes it clear that their sights aren’t just set on Obama, but the American people as well.

“Paris isn’t far from you — we will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris,” the Islamist warns, referring to the November attack in France that left over 130 dead in a series of gun and suicide bomb attacks.


The terrorist then declares, “We will kill, slaughter, and burn your people.” He continues, “Inshallah [God willing], we will attack you very soon with anything we lay our hands on.”

Interestingly, during a brief moment in the video, a terrorist’s hands are holding a cellphone, seeming to use it to detonate explosives before we are warned that they will attack us with anything they lay their hands on. This should particularly be of great concern, as not that long ago suspicious activity involving the bulk purchasing of cellular devices by those appearing to be Middle Eastern was making headlines in our nation.

Screenshot from threatening video, noticed before scenes of explosives detonating.

Meanwhile, countless Muslim “refugees” have been granted entrance into our country without proper vetting, with the Obama administration making a push for tens of thousands more. Add this to the DHS ordering the elimination of information from travel and national security databases on those with terrorism ties, and it’s easy to see we are in a very dangerous situation.

The narrator asked our leadership if they have learned their lesson yet. It’s obvious they haven’t. They won’t even call the Islamic State “Islamic” and insist it is contained. Meanwhile, 2016 presidential candidates, who recognize the threat of the Islamic State on the innocent American people, are demonized for wanting a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Doesn’t this video finally make it clear that we have no other options unless we are willing to gamble with the safety of our own civilians?

What’s really sad is that it isn’t American mainstream media outlets giving this new video, obviously threatening the American people, attention. It’s spreading like wildfire across UK outlets, but falls on deaf ears in the United States, yet we are the ones being threatened. We are like the oblivious woodpecker, while the wolf waits below.

“If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs,
“The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies.”
While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,
Crying to the moo-oo-oon,
“If only, If only.” ― Louis Sachar, Holes

Sadly, many Americans ignore the danger, which is waiting eagerly to devour us. Worse, those who are paying attention don’t seem to understand the severity of such a threat. Many Second Amendment supporters boast that they are “ready” for such a terrorist attack as what’s threatened. There’s just one problem with such an ambush —BOOM! You’re dead. There’s no time to shoot.

This is a completely different monster than what we’re used to, and if we have any hopes of defeating it, it’s going to take strong leadership — something we don’t have now, but can vote for in November. Remember, it’s Democrat foreign policy that created the chaos in the Middle East and allowed the Islamic State to grow into a legitimate threat against the US. It’s Democrat policy, with their flood of “refugees,” that’s telling us to let the wolf at the door come in and dine at our table on our dime. And, it’s Democrat policy and their mindless liberal supporters who will have blood on their hands when ISIS makes good on its threat against the American people.

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