ISIS Threatens To Cut The Tongue Out Of Anyone Who Says THIS About Them

ISIS might look like a group of unshakable, cold-blooded jihadists, but there’s one thing that people are widely starting to call them that has them throwing a hissy fit like an ill-tempered toddler — so, let’s start saying it!

The rising terrorist group is often referred to by several names, depending upon what your knowledge is of the group and where your political or religious allegiances lie. ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, and especially the Caliphate are all acceptable terms that the Islamic group finds worthy of being called, but there’s just one that has them demanding hits for insult like some sort of Francis Ford Coppola mobster flick.

In its fury and humiliation, ISIS has vowed “to cut the tongue out” of anyone who calls the group Daesh instead of at least referring to them by their full name, according to the Associated Press.

Daesh is the acronym for the Arabic words for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The transliteration is “Dawlat (nation) al-Islamiyya (Islamic) fi’l-Iraaq (of Iraq) wa’s-Sham (Greater Syria/Levant).” However, the problem lies within the pronunciation of its acronym Daesh, which is phonetically similar to the word for “one who crushes or subjugates underfoot.”

But, according to NBC News, the description can also mean “a bigot,” which opposes everything for which the terrorist group believes it represents.

“It’s a derogatory term and not something people should use even if you dislike them,” said Evan Kohlmann, a national security analyst at Flashpoint and a contributor to NBC News. “It would be like referring to Germans as ‘Huns.'”

“They hear it, quite rightly, as a challenge to their legitimacy: a dismissal of their aspirations to define Islamic practice, to be ‘a state for all Muslims’ and — crucially — as a refusal to acknowledge and address them as such.”

To call the group Daesh is to delegitimize their status and insult their claim that they are the rightful Caliphate after Muhammad that will establish Sharia law over the entire world. Quite literally, it would be like looking at a proud artist’s masterpiece and referring to it as scribbling.

However, vexing the world’s most powerful terrorist group isn’t the only reason to use the insulting term. Several innocent civilians have expressed abuse and ridicule from enraged citizens simply because of their name.

After struggling to conceive their daughter, an Arizona couple named their little girl Isis after the Egyptian fertility goddess in 2010, just before the rise of Daesh. The association between the names grew worse when the girl contracted a neurological disease.

To raise awareness, the parents created stickers that read #TeamIsis, placing one on their vehicle. Now, they say that drivers purposefully crash into them and call their child a “disgrace to America.” The couple even says their friend was investigated by the FBI for wearing a sticker with their daughter’s hashtag.

Isis King, an Ontario high school student, has also reported bullying because of her unique name. She says that people call her “terrorist” and told her that her name is offensive. It wasn’t long before she was mistakenly banned from Facebook, with the excuse that she had to change her first name for her account to be reinstated.

A 35-year-old Denver bookstore has also received backlash for its name, and has been the target of threats and vandalism. The owner of “Isis Books & Gifts” explained that her store’s sign was damaged and the glass door was shattered in a series of four attacks in the last few months.

When it comes to fighting a battle against terrorism in the politically correct world, it begins with our words. The left has already attempted to place politically correct limitations on our speech. We cannot allow Daesh to do that as well.

If the left can prevent us from even successfully identifying out enemies through feeling-friendly, approved words, we can retake the reins by defying this political correctness and calling Daesh what they really are — a barbaric, Islamic group of jihadists that are so thin-skinned they can’t take the slightest ridicule. Sounds a bit like Obama, doesn’t it?

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