Here’s How Islam’s Historical 270 MILLION Death Toll Breaks Down

The mainstream media and apologists for Islam never fail to shift focus from the brutality that Islam produces. Comparing Muslim terrorist attacks is a favorite tactic to deflect from the violent nature that stems from the Quran and Hadith, and first began with the Prophet Muhammad.

Although many Muslims attempt to convince us that these terror attacks have nothing to do with true Islam, history paints a different picture. In fact, the bloody canvas of Islam contains the brush strokes of worldwide genocide, responsible for the slaughter of at least 270 million non-Muslims, beginning with Muhammad’s infamous killing sprees.

To really contemplate the magnitude of such inhumanity as 270 million souls, here’s how the death toll roughly breaks down, according to Political Islam:

120 Million Africans

Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa for centuries, enslaving tens of millions of blacks and shipping them throughout Europe and the Middle East. This phenomenal ransack of Africa’s citizens has resulted in the deaths of approximately 120 million Africans.

60 Million Christians

Although Christians are the religious majority, they have managed to fight back against Muslim tyranny, thus reducing the slaughter from the cruel exaction of the Ottoman Empire. Had the Christian nation not united to battle such injustice, the number would be inconceivable.

80 Million Hindus

Hindus have been by far the most targeted religious group in the history of Islam, perhaps because of such a large population within such confined borders. Modern day India is only half the size of ancient India, and this is all thanks to jihad.

10 Million Buddhists

Because Buddhists do not typically record war, due to their religious nature, the number could be much higher than estimated. Many were driven out of the Middle East and slaughtered for their faith, resulting in a mass genocide.

Hundreds of Thousands of Jews

Although the exact number is unknown, it was significantly less than the other religious targets. However, don’t let the digits fool you. Jews barely make up a fraction of a percent of the world’s population, so, even tens of thousands lost would be a major dent in the populous.

Although many Islamists will continue to place the blame on the Crusades against the Muslim conquests, the final death toll doesn’t even register on the scale. The highest death estimate of the Crusades peaks at a miniscule 3 million souls, a drop in the bucket compared to Islam.

We cannot keep excusing this behavior as having nothing to do with Islam. According to Islam’s history, this exact conduct is a deeply inherent, continuing for 1,400 years without ceasing. Without slaughter, Islam has no history or contribution to the world.

H/T [American Thinker]

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