Man Converts To Islam, Demands Fridays Off, Employer Has Nasty Offer Instead

Man Converts To Islam, Demands Fridays Off, Employer Has Nasty Offer Instead
A Muslim man is claiming that the Department of Homeless Services violated city policy by refusing to allow him Fridays off for prayer.

A man was working as a community assistant at a New York City homeless shelter when he decided to become a devout Muslim who needed Fridays off for prayer. However, instead of giving in to his demands, the department decided to offer him something else entirely.

Jesse Pender had a steady job in management at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter, NYC’s largest homeless shelter. He even had a coveted Sunday through Thursday work schedule, which was perfect for him when he decided to become a more religious Muslim, changing his name to Abdul-Wahhab Ibrahim, according to the New York Post. So, when he made the decision to leave his job for a position in another city agency in January 2015, he oddly gave up the perfect job for his Friday prayer time.

After a month at the new job, Ibrahim decided he didn’t enjoy the position as much as he thought he would. Instead, he decided to inconvenience his former employer by begging to be rehired at the job he previously left.

Graciously, the Department of Homeless Services agreed to take him back. However, there was a catch. The fickle and unreliable Muslim employee was told that he would have to start back at the beginning and work his way back up to the privilege of having Fridays off — just like everyone else — or he could pack his things and find a new job.

Of course, the ultimatum didn’t sit too well with Ibrahim’s newfound Islamic entitlement. Instead of earning back his trust with the department and taking what was generously given to him, he did what every Muslim supremacist does in Western countries.

Man Converts To Islam, Demands Fridays Off, Employer Has Nasty Offer Instead
After the Bellevue Men’s Shelter refused to give Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim the coveted Sunday through Thursday work schedule, he filed a grievance against the agency.

Now, Ibrahim has filed a grievance against DHS for refusing to allow him Fridays off to attend mosque. Ibrahim claims that the agency is violating city policy, which allegedly requires employers to give their workers time off in accordance with their religion.

“DHS’s policy is to offer employees schedules that accommodate their religious beliefs,” an agency spokesman said.

This is just another reason to avoid hiring a Muslim. In fact, employers all over the globe are finding out just how burdensome and costly it can be to have such religious followers working for them.

Mad World News recently reported that a Virginia dental clinic found out the hard way how calculating Muslim employees can be. After a woman passed her interview and the first couple of days on the job with flying colors, the dentist caught her strolling into work with a hijab on the day 3. When he informed her that the head scarf violates their strict dress code, including rules against unsanitary, restrictive, and religious clothing, she was sure to make him pay.

Crying “Islamophobia,” the young woman is claiming that her employer fired her based on religious discrimination. She has recruited the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations and is threatening to sue the dentist.

Another Muslim woman began showing up to her job at a law office in Austria with a full veil after years of not covering her face. When her boss fired her for refusing to remove the burka, she brought a case against him for religious discrimination to the supreme court. Fortunately, the court ruled that employers have the right to fire workers who wear religious garb as long as they have a company policy against it.

A Muslim woman in Belgium attempted the same thing when she was fired for demanding to wear her hijab at a security firm. Likewise, the court reiterated that Belgium employers are allowed to ban workers from wearing the Islamic headpiece if they make it an equally anti-religious atmosphere.

Even though Muslims are not required in the Quran to wear a full face veil, take a vacation during the month of Ramadan, or even pray 5 times a day, they will stop at nothing to force Westerners to abide by Sharia law and their countless compulsions. It is only a matter of time before our own Supreme Court forces us to recognize their Islamic laws simply because it is their religious belief that all must adhere to Sharia.

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