Islam Is NOT A Constitutionally Protected Religion. Here’s Why.

The barbarian ideologies and atrocities in the name of Islam are being allowed to flourish across the world. While some don’t want to ruffle any feathers by offending the “religion of peace,” it is the label of religion that’s allowing Islam to continue its 1400 year history of violence, and it’s time to correct this one flaw in a way that destroys every argument for Islam.

Islam is not a religion; therefore, it is not constitutionally protected. It’s time to out it for what it is and forbid it to hide behind our Constitution any longer. The purpose of this article will be to provide the nuts and bolts that adequately disprove Islam as a constitutionally protected religion.

Islam Is NOT A Constitutionally Protected Religion. Here's Why.

Let’s go back to the beginning… Before Muhammad, there was no Islam. So, let’s take a quick look at the creator of this false ideology. In short, Muhammad was a nut job. How else would you describe a man who wanted others to enrich him, desired an army to fight for him, and above all else wanted to get laid, while legitimizing all of his perversions? He wanted these three objectives so badly that he planned out an elaborate fraud to bring him his sinful desires.

Islam Is NOT A Constitutionally Protected Religion. Here's Why.In pursuit of his selfish goals, Muhammad claimed he was talking to God and that he was the final perfected revelation. In Saudi Arabia, there weren’t any Muslims in the Middle East at that point in history because before Muhammad, you had no Muslims. There were Jews, Christians, and bedouin pagans, and Muhammad played on all three. He even brought in aspects of the bedouin pagan theologies. Allah is the moon-god of the bedouin pagans. In taking different aspects of these things, he claimed to be the prefect revelation of it all, encouraging others to join his army, fight for him, make him rich, and let him have sex with their wives, little boys, and little girls.

If you still doubt that Muhammad was certifiably insane, open the Quran. It is the rantings of a madman. There is no relationship with Allah, he is not referred to as a Father, each verse is written with the goal of getting Muhammad what he wanted. Muhammad effectively created a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion, which now allows Islam to defeat us with our own Constitution.

Islam is not a religion. This cannot be said enough. It is a political system. More specifically, Islam is a totalitarian, expansionist, militaristic, seditious, political system. Does this sound like any other political system you are familiar with? Think Germany…

Arguing that Islam is a religion and thereby constitutionally protected is like arguing that Nazism is also a constitutionally protected religion. Could you imagine?

Islam Is NOT A Constitutionally Protected Religion. Here's Why.

Taking a look at the Third Reich and the Leni Riefenstahl’s propaganda films, it becomes obvious that Hitler was trying to morph Nazism into a religion. German children sang praises to Hitler. This is a characteristic of all totalitarians — an attempt to morph their belief system to the point it is like a religion to its followers and supporters. Think about the Nazi rallies, such as the torchlight rally in Nuremberg, Hitler being introduced with the reciting of a creed, Germans believing in Adolf Hitler as their savior… The Third Reich was God their Father, Hitler was God the Son, and the Nazi Party was the Holy Spirit.

If that isn’t enough for you to draw a parallel, think of all the other totalitarian political systems, such as the Soviet Union and North Korea. Do you not see the same liturgy? They literally call their citizens to worship their leaders and system as one would God. Muhammad did the same, all for his own personal gain.

This is not uncommon or new. This approach of trying to turn totalitarian political systems into some sort of a religious dynamic is universal, and it seems the Marxists, Nazis, Socialists, and Communists got the play book from Islam. Perhaps that explains why Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Middle East, second only to the Quran.

Islam Is NOT A Constitutionally Protected Religion. Here's Why.If we could never imagine allowing Nazism to be constitutionally protected, why are we allowing it for Islam?

Islam is seditious against every nation and government on earth. It demands that all Muslims work to overthrow all nations, governments, and non-sharia laws. How can you constitutionally defend this, when by definition, Islam is engaging in sedition, which is unconstitutional?

Islam will use our own laws to destroy us. This explains how the Islamic Law of Saturation has worked so effectively throughout history.

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As long as we cater to seditious traitors, who subscribe to a totalitarian political system, hellbent on overthrowing our nation, we will be the next victims of Islamic saturation. We will be no more.

It’s time to end the lie. Islam is not a religion, it is a political system, and one that is no less dangerous than Nazism. Share this if you are tired of the political Islamic party attempting to use our own Constitution to destroy our nation.

(h/t: Kafirs With Harbitude)

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