Israel Gets Heat For Attacking Syria, Then ‘Mad Dog’ James Mattis Drops A Truth Bomb

Over the weekend, Israel took action to defend itself from attacks by Syrian and Iranian forces. As the usual criticism began to come in, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis had something to say. Now, Mad Dog’s comments are putting everyone to shame.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis shared comments about Israel’s latest attack. (Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State/Flickr/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/Flickr)

Throughout its short history as a modern nation, Israel has been forced to fight on a regular basis. Many of its neighbors don’t like seeing a Jewish state in the Middle East. Since its inception in 1948, Israel has fought invaders, oppressors, and of course terrorists. Some of the biggest countries in the region have vowed to wipe Israel off the map.

What’s even worse is the constant abuse from the international community. Many Western nations claim to be supporters of the sole democracy in the region. Yet, they gather in the UN to frequently scold Israel for simply doing what any nation would do to protect its citizens. Liberal media outlets regularly condemn Israel for fighting against their enemies. That’s something the media would never do to any other country.

This past weekend saw an escalation between Israel and its neighbors. The attacks brought significant destruction to military resources. Israel was forced to fight both Iran and Syria. Before the usual crowd started to condemn the nation’s actions, James Mattis weighed in on the issue. He shut down every critic, declaring Israel has every right to defend itself.

The American defense secretary gave his full-throated backing on Sunday to Israel’s actions in the aerial exchange of fire over the weekend with Syrian and Iranian forces in Syria.

Israel has an absolute right to defend itself, and I think that’s what happened yesterday,” Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told reporters as he boarded a plane to Europe on Sunday.

Mattis’s comments come after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israel’s airspace on Saturday, then was shot down by Israel, which launched a widespread retaliatory offensive in Syria. The IDF said it hit four Iranian positions and eight Syrian sites, causing significant damage.

Israel also said it destroyed the Syrian military’s main command and control bunker in its most devastating assault there in decades. A number of anti-aircraft batteries were also targeted after an Israeli F-16 crashed, apparently after being shot down by Syrian-fired Russian-made anti-aircraft fire. [Source: Times of Israel]

The reality is, Israel faces constant danger. Their neighbors look for any opportunity to weaken the nation’s confidence. It’s a situation where Israel has to retaliate forcefully to any attack. Otherwise, its enemies would take inaction as a sign of weakness and complicity. The obvious result would be greater attacks from nations like Iran, Syria, and others.

Mattis went on to support Israel, confirming what we already know about Iran’s intentions.

In his comments Sunday, Mattis railed against Iranian actions in Syria and around the region. “Everywhere we find trouble in the Middle East, you find the same thing behind it. Whether it be in Yemen or Beirut, or in Syria, in Iraq, you always find Iran engaged…”

Israel has been warning for weeks that it would not tolerate what it said were Iranian plans to establish a foothold on Israel’s northern border for eventual use in attacks against the Jewish state.

“If Iran continues to threaten and carry out offensive operations against Israel from Syria, Israel will teach Iran a lesson it will never forget,” Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told the London-based Arabic-language outlet Elaph on Sunday. [Source: Times of Israel]

Mattis’ support comes not long since the U.N. voted to condemn Israel for its actions. An overwhelming majority of nations came together to persecute the only free nation in the Middle East. They ignored the constant danger Israel faces from its neighbors, to support brutal dictators and regimes that want to kill innocent lives. President Donald Trump himself condemn the U.N. in numerous speeches, saying nations that turn on Israel will lose support from the United States.

James Mattis’ words are a clear indicator of how the United States — especially our military — feels about Israel’s actions. We know that Israel must fight hard to protect its nation. Those who call themselves Israel’s allies must actually show them support. Otherwise, they’re helping the enemies.

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