Woman’s Itchy ‘Birthmark’ Explodes, Doctors Discover What Was Lurking Beneath It

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During a time that is meant to be joyous, a pregnant woman noticed a birthmark on her forehead began to get annoyingly itchy. She dismissed the occurrence as a symptom of pregnancy until it unexpectedly exploded. However, when she went to the doctors, they made a gruesome discovery when they saw what was hidden beneath it.

Sam Davies’ swollen birthmark

Sam Davies had a slightly protruded birthmark on her forehead all her life. After she and her husband, Paul, had five children – four daughters named Kati, Amy, Lorna, and Kayla, and a son, Paul Jr. – it didn’t take long for her to realize that pregnancy had an effect on how her birthmark felt, causing it to swell and itch. However, things changed when she became pregnant with her son and the birthmark seemed to become enraged, swelling and pulsing like never before.

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the birthmark started to grow a little, it became itchy and it grew. It was more of a growth than a mark, and I hated it. My birthmark reacts to me being pregnant,” Sam explained, according to Inquisitr. “In fact, it’s like a pregnancy test for me — when it starts to itch, I know I’m pregnant. But when I was carrying my son — after four daughters — it went out of control. As my bump grew, the birthmark grew too. It was like a monster.”

Her symptoms became much more severe. The itchy, pulsating birthmark swelled so much it exploded, splitting her forehead right open.

Woman’s Itchy Birthmark Explodes, Doctors Horrified To See What’s Behind It
Sam Davies’ swollen birthmark after it exploded

“There was lots of goo and blood shooting out of my head, all down my face,” Sam recalled, according to Daily Mail. “I was panic-stricken.”

After it exploded, she was rushed to a hospital in England where doctors immediately began running tests to determine what caused the entire ordeal. The doctors were horrified when they learned that the birthmark was actually the tip of three hemangiomas, or benign tumors, with small amounts of cancerous cells, which needed to be removed, according to Inquisitr.

Woman’s Itchy Birthmark Explodes, Doctors Horrified To See What’s Behind It
Sam Davies’ swollen birthmark after her surgery

She didn’t get the tumors removed until after she delivered her son, enduring the troublesome symptoms for months. “The last two months of my pregnancy were horrendous,” Sam admitted. “I was closely monitored, but in reality, the doctors didn’t know what to do. I was like a freak show in the hospital, with them all coming to look at me.”

Woman’s Itchy Birthmark Explodes, Doctors Horrified To See What’s Behind It
Sam Davies and her husband, Paul

She is now birthmark and tumor-free, only showing a scar where it used to be. Although she may have wanted another child, she has decided against it — “just in case the monster wakes up again.”

Although her birthmark was actually a benign tumor, cancerous cells were also found, which could have eventually taken her life. Luckily, doctors were able to discover the mystery behind it before it was too late. This just goes to prove that if something seems out of the ordinary with our bodies, we should get it checked out before something bad happens – it’s better to be safe than sorry.