Ivanka Comes Clean About Her Serious Illness, BLM Leader Tells Her To ‘Suffer’

Ivanka Trump got blasted by a Black Lives Matter “feminist” leader after she revealed details on her serious illness. The hateful BLM leader took delight in one of Ivanka’s most vulnerable moments as she identified herself as someone who has been privately suffering from a diagnosis that other women can relate to. You’ll be shocked that any women could tell her to “suffer,” but even that didn’t stop Ivanka from doing some good.

Kimberly Foster (left) Ivanka Trump (right) (Photo credit: Kimberly N Foster/Twitter, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ivanka Trump may not be as “conservative” on issues as her father, but one thing she is dead set on is helping American women in any way she can. So when she decided to go on an upcoming “Dr. Oz” show to discuss her postpartum depression, her motivation was to draw attention to the disorder, not to politics.

ABC News reported, “First daughter Ivanka Trump has revealed that she struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth to each of her three children in a new interview. ‘With each of my three children I had some level of postpartum … depression,’ Trump said in an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz during a taping of The Dr. Oz Show. ‘It was a very challenging emotional time for me.”‘

However, the liberal hate machine refuses to call a “time-out” on any issue if a Trump is involved. Enter Kimberly Foster, the Black Lives Matter leader who is hung up on her “black privilege.” Everything to Foster is about her “blackness,” and her bias against whites extends to black males who date white women. She did a full three-minute segment on YouTube, bellyaching on black guys who date white women, and she cited an article in Psychology Today from 2011.

The article was removed, but it claimed a scientific reason why white women are more attractive than black women. She is really pissed off about that, even though it’s from six years ago and it’s not even available to read. No wonder she looks at Ivanka Trump and spews hate. She’s nothing but a jealous shrew who tweeted in response to Ivanka’s postpartum depression, “Girl. Suffer.” One of Foster’s good buddies, Leslie Afua, also posted a sick response, which included, “I wish all the misery on this ho.”

Americans have reached their level of “enough is enough” with this racism bullcrap. Anyone who talks and acts like this Kimberly Foster woman is unhinged, plain and simple. That’s exactly why Foster immediately got slapped hard with a ton of backlash to her post. We are sick and tired of this nonsense, and Foster rightly got blasted by pissed off people of all races.

According to Townhall, “This, obviously, is disgusting. Post-partum depression doesn’t care about political views. It is incredibly brave and important for Ivanka to come out and to talk about this–women need to know that they’re not the only person to struggle with depression, and Ivanka is a prominent face that many people look up to. It’s wholly inappropriate to blame her for her own mental health struggles, and people should be ashamed of themselves.”

Postpartum depression is a serious condition and can be dangerous. It can lead to suicidal thoughts, and some women do take their lives. Luckily, Ivanka Trump didn’t have to spend time with Kimberly Foster while she had postpartum depression. I can only imagine the hate-fest this woman lives on a daily basis while she wonders aloud why she can’t get a date. Maybe she needs to check herself and her hate. Maybe then she will attract someone who will spend time with her. Not everything is about race, and not everything is about politics. Sadly, these losers will never learn.

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