Ivanka SCARES Islamists, Brilliant Move Puts ‘Muslim’ Queen At Trump Tower

Queen Rania of Jordan (left), Radical Islamist (middle), Ivanka Trump (right)

Ivanka Trump has made women’s rights one of her major causes, and she has been especially vocal about the issues women face under Islamic rule. While Barack Obama’s administration overlooked such abuses against women here in the US and in the Middle East, Ivanka intends to change that. So, when a Muslim Queen was spotted with Ivanka at Trump Tower, what happened next is scaring Islamists who wish Obama had four more years.

Queen Rania of Jordan held a secret meeting with Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower recently, and it’s causing major waves in the Muslim world. Ivanka wanted to send a clear message to all Islamists that Obama’s gone and the Trump administration will not tolerate human rights violations by Islamists.

“The regal rendezvous Wednesday between the businesswoman daughter of US President-elect Donald Trump and the Middle Eastern monarch reportedly centered on the issue of women’s rights. Queen Rania, for her part, has been regarded as a leading voice in initiatives for females in the Arab-Muslim world.” [via Jerusalem Post]

Ivanka Trump (left), Queen Rania at Trump Tower (right)

Queen Rania is a brilliant choice because she does not wear the hijab and she basically holds the same beliefs as the West that Muslim women should make their own decision about wearing any Muslim garb. Further pissing off Muslim extremists, she also advocates women in all aspects of society:

  “[W]omen in Jordan are participating in all aspects of civil as well as political life — as female judges, parliamentarians, businesswomen. And the evolution will continue.” [via Time]

Ivanka has made it a priority to be vocal about women’s rights within Islam, and the meeting with Queen Rania is a dire warning to Islamists who are out to change cities in America, hoping to enact Sharia law. Meeting with Queen Rania is a coup for the Trumps, who have been called out by the mainstream media as wanting to ban all Muslims from America.

Donald Trump is solid on his views against Muslim extremism and protecting America, but he is no “racist” as the liberals love to claim. His policy is to stop Muslim immigration until America can properly vet Muslims. After all, it was Homeland Security and the FBI who testified they could not guarantee Muslims migrating here were not terrorists.

Ivanka continues to play an important role on her father’s transition team, and with her move to Washington, D.C., we can look forward to her taking on more responsibilities in the new administration. She keeps surprising the liberals with her bold moves, and this meeting with Queen Rania was a win-win for the new president-elect and his daughter, who are ahead of the game the far leftists love to play.

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