Ivanka Gets Revenge On Planned Parenthood CEO & Feminazis, You’ll Love This

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Ivanka Trump (left), Feminazi protesting pro-life policies (middle), Cecil Richards (right)

Ivanka Trump has come under fire from the mainstream media and pro-abortion feminazis, and reports are saying that Planned Parenthood’s CEO is pissed at Ivanka. Cecil Richards, who gets rich by killing babies at her abortion mills, is letting the media know her disdain as she tries to shame Ivanka, but the First Daughter is getting sweet revenge on both Planned Parenthood and Richards. You’re going to love this.

Pro-life Donald Trump supporters were up in arms right after the inauguration when it was learned that Ivanka Trump had a meeting with Planned Parenthood’s Cecil Richards. Right away, it was assumed that Ivanka would be an advocate for the abortion movement, and Cecil Richards, a ruthless woman who needs federal money to maintain her abortion mills, was pinning all her hope on Ivanka, too.

Now, Richards is like a wounded animal as she realizes that whatever Ivanka’s personal politics may be, she is in no way going to promote Planned Parenthood. Life News reports, “The CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is growing impatient with Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, and is grousing that Ivanka is not pushing her father to promote abortion.”

Cecil Richards backed Hillary Clinton for president. They both advocate for late term abortions up to nine months.

Feminazis hate Ivanka, taking their cue from Cecil Richards. They have been disparaging her name and attacking her kids online, all because she refuses to back their sick agenda.

Time Magazine has more on Richards’ frustration with Ivanka and her attempt to pressure Ivanka to get her father to push its abortion advocacy. As always, Richards clouds abortion with language about women’s health, even though Planned Parenthood does very little in terms of legitimate health care for pregnant women.

“It’s time for Ivanka to … stand for women,” Cecile Richards told Buzzfeed, adding that Ivanka’s silence on the abortion issue has been “deafening,” since Ivanka Trump is believed to be very influential with her father. However, Ivanka has not said much publicly about Planned Parenthood or her stance on abortion.

Cecil Richards is pissed off, realizing Ivanka played her. Richards asked Ivanka for a meeting, and Ivanka acquiesced, thinking there’s no harm in letting her come and give her spiel. Richards thought she dominated Ivanka, probably warning her that she would look anti-woman if she sided with pro-lifers.

Richards is speaking out now because she’s desperate. Planned Parenthood firmly rejected a proposal by President Donald Trump, offering to preserve federal funding for the women’s health organization if it stopped providing abortion services. That’s all they do provide, so Richards’ last hope is Ivanka.

However, Ivanka isn’t going to do a damn thing for Planned Parenthood. She duped Richards. It was Richards who drew too many conclusions from one meeting, and this is sweet revenge not only for Ivanka but for all Americans who are pro-life.

“She apparently has the portfolio for all women’s issues in the White House,” Richards said at the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night. “That’s a huge responsibility, and women are waiting to see a sign from this White House that they’re on our side.” Well, Ivanka silence is the sign the abortion queen Cecil Richards was waiting for. President Trump put a stellar pro-life judge on the Supreme Court, and that was another sign that Richards and her diabolical organization are not influencing this White House one iota.

Cecil Richards makes over $600,000 dollars a year as the CEO of Planned Parenthood; that’s $600,000 dollars a year to promote infanticide. That disgusting woman is anti-women and anti-baby, and watching her meltdown in public is a happy site to all Americans who cherish life.

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