Corrupt James Comey Gets SCREWED By Major Russian Hacking Witness

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James Comey (left), President Donald Trump (right)

There is no honor among thieves – or Barack Obama’s team of crooks. Just weeks ago, the Trump-hating FBI Director James Comey told Congress that he is conducting an investigation into Russian ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign staffers. Now, Comey has just been screwed by the most prominent “Russian hacking” witness he had, and the fallout is going to cause mega damage to Comey’s sham investigation.

According to Daily Mail, the cyber security company known as Crowdstrike, who blamed the Russians for sharing Hillary Clinton’s damning emails with WikiLeaks, has just delivered two unexpected blows to the FBI’s Russian investigation by abandoning key claims of Russian involvement and forcefully refusing to testify or aid Congress in any further investigation.

This is a tremendous blow to Comey for the simple fact that he based his decision to start the FBI’s Russian investigation largely on Crowdstrike’s initial claim that “the Russians did it.” The details of this colossal abandonment of Comey are truly epic, and we cannot wait to see him go down for colluding against Trump in the days before his inauguration.

Watch Comey’s statement before Congress from March 20, confirming the FBI’s investigation, and then, we’ll explain how this gets worse.

If only Hillary Clinton had been elected president, Comey could have been spared all of this insanity level maneuvering to save his skin, but she lost, thank God. As a result of Hillary’s epic loss, Comey has been left holding the bag, and now that Crowdstrike has left him to fend for himself, things are only going to get worse. Among the dozens of details to come out of Crowdstrike’s abandonment of Comey, the following are the most important.

First, Crowdstrike is based in Irvine, California, and the company was hired by the DNC to find out how WikiLeaks got a hold of Hillary’s damning emails, proving how Hillary and the Democratic Party are corrupt as a whole. Crowdstrike’s president, Shawn Henry, and chief technology officer Dmitri Alperovitch are responsible for the only known forensic evidence which has been publicly disclosed linking Russia to any attacks. Crowdstrike was the only company allowed to examine the DNC’s servers while the FBI was prohibited from having any access to them.

Breitbart reports that, in March, Crowdstrike retracted portions of a December report that made further Russian hacking claims after it had been revealed that Crowdstrike relied on false claims made online by a pro-Putin “propaganda” blogger. This doesn’t seem like credible work from a world-class cyber security company.

Crowdstrike’s withdrawal was directly caused by the Ukrainian government and a British think-tank who publicly issued statements showing how the cyber security company had published inaccurate information. The bad information Crowdstrike published in the December report said that a Russian hacking group, known as “Fancy Bear,” had hacked both the Ukrainian government and the DNC during the U.S. election. Again, Crowdstrike based their claims on idiotic posts from a Russian blogger with no credibility.

This directly effects James Comey because Congress wants to know why our intelligence agencies are basing costly, invasive, and even unconstitutional investigations into Trump’s campaign staff on the work of a sloppy cyber security company. I assume Comey will not have a good answer for this.

In addition, Crowdstrike has now refused to testify in front of Congress. If their work on the DNC servers was so accurate, and they can back up their original claims that “the Russians did it,” it does not make sense for them to abandon the FBI after causing the investigation in the first place.

This is all starting to make a lot of sense, but not in a way that helps Comey keep his job. I see a corrupt DNC asking a sympathetic Hillary-supporting cyber security firm to fabricate a story about the Russians, and a complicit FBI Director who hates Trump got involved when he shouldn’t have. I am astonished that Comey was allowed to keep his job when Trump took office. Now, with Crowdstrike abandoning him, Comey is going to have to either back peddle or sensationalize the already known harmless communication between Trump’s campaign staff and Russian officials.

The full weight of the Congressional Intelligence Committees is going to make it very difficult for Comey to keep fabricating. I think it would be better for him to start cooperating with those who are telling the truth.

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