After Comey Said Trump Will “Lie About Anything”, POTUS Humiliated Him… Bad

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After former FBI Director James Comey said that President Donald Trump will “lie about anything,” Trump humiliated him… bad. You won’t want to miss this.

President Donald Trump (left), James Comey (right) (Photo Credits: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Corrupt former FBI Director James Comey is starting to squirm as the noose begins to tighten around his neck. Recently, President Donald Trump ordered the Department of Justice to investigate the FBI and DOJ for spying on his presidential campaign in 2016.

Up until now, Comey has enjoyed obscene amounts of attention from the mainstream media with which he took the opportunity to disparage our President and attempted to damage the administration’s credibility. The signs are all there to indicate we are dealing with a washed out federal law enforcement official who made some very bad and prosecutable decisions. In a nutshell, Comey is panicking.

“Facts matter. The FBI’s use of Confidential Human Sources (the actual term) is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. Attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country. How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?” Comey wrote on Twitter.

This was James Comey’s best idea? Why would his highly paid attorney allow him to go on Twitter and further complicate the job of defending him in court in the future? Comey’s attempt to explain or offer insight into why the FBI would plant a spy in the Trump campaign is utter nonsense. Did the FBI plant a spy in the Hillary Clinton campaign? What about Barack Obama? I highly doubt it.

Comey wants us to buy this line of bull that the FBI, under his direction, spied on Trump for the protection of the country. He’s simply frantic over the fact that he got caught, and the sooner he closes his mouth the better. Because Comey is a narcissist, he had to keep talking. Here’s what he added to his panic-driven Twitter rant.

“Dangerous time when our country is led by those who will lie about anything, backed by those who will believe anything, based on information from media sources that will say anything. Americans must break out of that bubble and seek truth,” he wrote.

In my opinion, attacking voters as “those who will believe anything” is hardly a good strategy to win public support or sympathy. It looks as if Comey is abandoning his role as the demure former FBI Director who calmly lies his way through interviews. He’s looking more and more like the stooge we know he is.

In response to James Comey’s Twitter meltdown, President Donald Trump came up big with one humiliating fact as he was briefly interviewed outside the White House on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, according to Fox News.

“All you have to do is look at the basics and you’ll see. It looks like a very serious event but we’ll find out,” Trump said. “When they look at the documents, I think people are going to see a lot of bad things happened. I hope it’s not so because if it is there’s never been anything like it in the history of our country. I hope, I mean if you look at Clapper, he sort of admitted that they had spies in the campaign yesterday inadvertently,” Trump added.

“But I hope it’s not true, but it looks like it is. I think James Comey’s got a lot of problems. If you look at what he did. If you look at all of the lies, the tremendous lies. If you look at all that’s going on, I think James Comey’s got a lot of problems. Now, at some point, they have an IG report, and then let’s see what James Comey has to say, but I assume he’s covered in the IG report. But if you look at what he said, all of the lies, all of the fiction, I think he’s got a lot of problems,” Trump continued.

“No, we’re not undercutting. We’re cleaning everything up. This was a terrible situation. What we’re doing is we’re cleaning everything up. It’s so important. What I’m doing is a service to this country, and I did a great service to this country by firing James Comey. Excuse me, a lot of people have said it. And you go into the FBI and a lot of those great people working in the FBI they will tell you, I did a great service to our country by firing James Comey,” Trump exclaimed.

“I want them all to get together, and I want them because everybody wants this solved, but a lot of bad things have happened. We call it ‘Spygate.’ You’re calling it ‘Spygate.’ A lot of bad things have happened. I want them all to get together. They’ll sit in a room. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work it out among themselves,” Trump added.

The bottom line here is that Comey should think about spending what little time he has left as a free man with his family instead of mouthing off on Twitter. Judgment day is coming for him and other corrupt government officials who attempted to undermine the very fabric of our democracy. I could not agree more with President Donald Trump, he did our country a “great service” by firing James Comey.

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