James Woods Takes Blowtorch To Michael Avenatti, Immediately Receives Sick Threat

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Michael Avenatti thought he could reach stardom through his attacks on President Donald Trump. However, the creepy porn lawyer has since lost his charm among Democrats. As he quickly loses the limelight, James Woods sent out a blistering tweet to kick him while he’s down. Avenatti was not amused, and he issued a nasty threat in response.

Actor James Woods tweeted out some help for disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube)

Michael Avenatti became a figure of cable news earlier this year when he became the representative of former porn star Stormy Daniels. She was trying to parlay her one-time connection with Donald Trump into a second chance at fame and fortune.

It didn’t work out that way.

The leftist media lost interest in Stormy when they realized nothing she said could be proven, nor did she have a “smoking gun” that would take down Trump, which is the media’s only true goal. But that didn’t stop her lawyer from seeking more and more attention. Avenatti (reportedly without permission from his client) launched a lawsuit against Donald Trump.

The media gave this “creepy porn lawyer” ample attention. Once again, they hoped he could do something to stifle Trump’s continued, runaway success.

Once again, they were wrong.

America was not impressed with Avenatti and his wild claims. Most people were baffled when some Democrats even floated this guy as a future presidential candidate for 2020.

Things only got worse when Avenatti jumped on the anti-Kavanaugh bandwagon. His interference in that process helped derail the Democrats’ attempts at blocking Kavanaugh’s confirmation — as some Democrats have openly said.

But it looks like Avenatti’s star is quickly fading. Even liberal outlets are dropping him. But that’s okay, conservative actor James Woods is on hand to help!

Michael Avenatti’s cable TV bookings have dwindled. He was uninvited from one prominent Democratic event and skipped out on another. Now his highest-profile client is bringing new allegations against him.

In just a matter of weeks, Avenatti’s fortunes have taken a nosedive, rapidly downshifting him from 2020 presidential prospect to political pariah. [Source: Politico]

That’s the tune from most left-wing news outlets, these days. In the aftermath of this stinging article, James Wood reached out to the lawyer via Twitter.

Wow. That’s a pretty brutal burn. But can you blame him? Michael Avenatti shamelessly tried to make a name for himself by going after the President of the United States.

He mounted a frivolous lawsuit over a tweet Trump posted regarding Stormy Daniels. I guess Avenatti has never heard of the First Amendment. When the judge threw out the cases, demanding Daniels pay damages to Trump, Stormy turned on her lawyer. She claimed she never authorized the lawsuit in the first place.

Funny how these con artists turn on each other.

Looks like Avenatti might be faced with a lawsuit of his own, from his former client. All the love the liberal media gave him has withered and died. And that pipedream of a 2020 run has worked out as badly as we predicted.

So you don’t have to be too surprised to read his reaction to Woods’ joke.

Talk about sour grapes, huh? This guy just can’t learn from his own mistakes. He is always quick to make big boasts like that. He’s heard from unnamed women about abuse from James Woods? Just as Woods pokes fun at him, huh? How convenient.

This lawyer doesn’t have an off switch. Perhaps he should take a break from the public eye for a while. Unplug. Maybe get some therapy.

Something tells me that this threat from Michael Avenatti will be a big nothing burger, like all of his other attempts to smear prominent conservatives. He’s like the boy who cried wolf, and that story doesn’t end well for the boy.