James Woods Blasts Obama For What He Quietly Did As We Mourned Paris

President Barack Obama has once again used redirection and deceit to push his agenda along. With all eyes on Paris on account of the recent terrorist attack, Obama snuck his most recent action right under your nose – and James Woods just pointed out everything wrong with it.

Being lied to by Obama is nothing new. Unfortunately, our divider-in-chief has found himself in a quite a few predicaments throughout the past, employing unusual (and downright unethical) tactics when it comes to getting stuff done.


Over the weekend, much of the world was showing support to France after having over 130 of their countrymen killed by Islamic extremists – but not Obama. He had other plans.

Our president, seeing how everyone’s attention was elsewhere, saw an opportunity to further progress his agenda by operating behind the curtain. According to reports released by the Associated Press, the Pentagon quietly announced that they’re releasing another 5 terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, you read that right.


After Islamic extremists slaughtered well over 100 innocent people, our president thought that now would be the best time to release five Islamic extremists back into the world. Rather than keep those responsible for such tragedies locked up behind bars, Obama thinks that it’s “fair” for them to be out among us.

Although I can’t say for certain that the Associated Press is sympathetic to terrorists, what they wrote next sure seems to indicate that they are:

Each of the five released over the weekend had been held for more than 13 years. They were not charged but were detained as enemy combatants.

In all honesty, who cares? Does anyone really care about 5 sub-human pieces of garbage, who were plotting to kill us, living out the rest of their days in some dark crap hole because we know that if presented the opportunity, they’ll try to carry out their mission? No one?

Even famed actor James Woods saw everything wrong with the situation as he recently tweeted:

It honestly nauseates me to see the things Obama has done ever since setting foot in the White House. He should be sentenced for treason on account of trying to systematically rip this country apart with it’s eventual destruction being the end game.

He makes just about every excuse in the book for Muslims, despite those who live in the area where the religion reigns supreme leaving in droves on account of the directions in their own “holy book.” When Muslims refugees start flooding out of the area, the bad guys leave with them, but what does Obama do? Welcomes them in with open arms. We now know this is the case after a suicide bomber from the attack in Paris was found to have made his way there by posing as a Syrian refugee.

While All Eyes Were On Paris, Here’s What Obama Did Right Under Your Nose

He’s constantly trying to change the fundamental values of America, and he manipulates Americans into doing it for him. Just look at the current racial tensions – that he is doing nothing about by the way (go figure) – and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

Lastly, in order to ensure that our nation is as unsafe as humanly possible, he’s releasing the human filth, that we’ve kept safely locked away, back into the world for reasons still unknown and unexplained. Furthermore, he’s doing it in such a way that we have no other choice than to believe that he’s trying to keep it a secret.

This man has done enough – and none of it beneficial to our country. It’s time he kindly be shown the door, and I hope he’s let out in such a way that he has a permanent boot mark on his backside to remind him every day just what Americans think of him. Is it 2017 yet? We need someone running the show that actually loves this country.

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