Jealous Boyfriend Finds Girl’s Lingerie Selfie, Irate At What He Sees In It

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Feeling hot and confident at home in Dallas, Texas, Christine Carter posed in front of her full-length mirror, wearing nothing more than black lingerie and a pair of stilettos. She snapped a selfie while not thinking about her boyfriend, until he found out and became irate at what he saw in the sexy shot.

Carter wasn’t too happy in her relationship and began to do things behind the scenes to distance herself from him, namely a habit she started that he despised. After a long time of hating herself because of how he made her feel, she did what she felt was necessary, behind his back. When the selfie proof of it came to surface, there was no hiding her huge secret any longer.

Jealous Boyfriend Finds Girl's Lingerie Selfie, Irate At What He Sees In It
Christine Carter’s lingerie shot

Up until 16 months ago, nothing about Carter’s life was healthy. Her boyfriend was emotionally abusive and controlling, how she felt about herself was destructive, and she coped with both through the comfort she found in food. In a short period of time, Carter’s weight swelled to 275 lbs, all packed on to her small 5’5″ tall frame, eating herself to beyond recognition. The weight wasn’t a bother to her boyfriend. In fact, he preferred her bigger as a means of controlling her, so she would never leave him.

Her size soon consumed her, and instead of the food making her feel better, she began to hate herself even more, the bigger she got. “Being overweight, I didn’t feel I deserved anything better – I went from a place of being ‘fat and happy’ to just ‘fat,’” she told the Daily Mail.

Jealous Boyfriend Finds Girl's Lingerie Selfie, Irate At What He Sees In It
Christine Carter at her heaviest

The vicious cycle of self loathing continued. The worse she felt, the more she ate to forget it. The pain and suffering reached a low point when it became a struggle to just walk up a couple of stairs and not be completely out of breath. She looked at herself in the mirror, her body reflection extending beyond the frame, and decided it was time to make a drastic change.

After months of failed diets, she resorted to Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery to kick-start her weight-loss journey, and she has never looked back. Although the extreme procedure is often viewed as the lazy way out, she used it as a tool, since if she went back to her old ways after 70% of her stomach was removed, she would pack on the weight again and be a failure.

Carter lost 150 pounds through exceptionally hard work and a healthy new lifestyle. Looking like a completely different person, she loves seeing the results of her efforts and positive changes made in her life, when she looks in the mirror.

New dress, new shoes-thank you Amazon! What y'all think? #ootd

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She’s earned these selfies and has a lot to be proud of in showing off the new person she is without the weight of the previous relationship. Despite how great she feels about herself looking stunningly gorgeous, her now ex-boyfriend absolutely hates it.

“I am not the same girl I once was. It ended my relationship – my ex became very insecure and jealous and I gained the confidence to see that I was not in a healthy relationship and needed to get out,” she told the news outlet, after transforming herself and documenting it through a lot of bathroom shots on Instagram.

Carter doesn’t believe that it was the weight loss that changed who she was, it was the gain. She’s now back to the person that she’s been all along — the person who got buried beneath the pounds and her boyfriend’s abuse.