RINO Jeff Flake Attacks POTUS For Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pardon, But Trump Gets Last Laugh

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Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), one of the biggest #NeverTrumpers in Congress, thought he could score points with his globalist donors and Democrat bedfellows by criticizing President Donald Trump’s pardon of law enforcement hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Only three days later, traitor Flake received a brutal awakening that will have you smiling. You don’t want to miss this.

RINO Jeff Flake Attacks POTUS for Arpaio Pardon. Trump Gets the Last Laugh!
After Jeff Flake (right) called out President Trump (left) for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona Republicans sent him a humiliating message. (Photo Credit: Department of Defense/Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Common, Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

As soon as Trump issued the pardon of America’s toughest sheriff, Jeff Flake took to Twitter to blast the President, censuring the pardon of a man who, for 55 years, has made Arizona’s streets safer from criminals. However, Flake is probably now regretting his comments as he realizes the political tide is turning against him and the other Republican turncoats.

Flake is running for reelection in 2018, but his prospects are so grim that, at this point, he may as well close up shop and save himself the campaign debt. When it comes to Senate primaries, incumbents typically have a nearly insurmountable advantage. Flake’s situation is practically unthinkable.

As Breitbart notes, polling firm JMC analytics just put out a report showing Flake a whopping 26 points behind primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward. According to the poll, Flake receives a meager 21 percent of support from Arizona Republicans. In other words, this #NeverTrumper will soon be standing in the unemployment line.

JMC found that only 21 percent of Republican voters in Arizona want Flake to represent them in the 2018 election while Ward, an osteopathic physician and former State Senator, is currently backed by 47 percent of the state’s GOP base. Three percent support candidate Nicholas Tutora and 29 percent are undecided.

The extensive questionnaire provides vital insights into the Republican electorate, proving that voters by-and-large side with President Trump over establishment detractors like Flake, who still consider themselves to be the “true” face of the Republican party.

A surprising 66 percent of those polled said they want someone other than Flake to be the nominee in 2018, only 22 percent want him to run, and 56 percent said they would be more likely to support a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump. A related question found that for 60 percent of Arizona Republicans, Trump’s opposition to Flake makes them less likely to vote for the senator.

The poll had more good news for the President — a full 76 percent of respondents approve of Donald Trump’s job performance. Trump is more popular than Flake among Arizona Republicans, a fact supported by the huge enthusiasm at the President’s recent rally in Phoenix.

Trump, who has often tried to play nice with establishment candidates in Congressional primaries, used the rally to express his dissatisfaction with Flake. After slamming John McCain for killing the Obamacare repeal, Trump blasted Flake, coyly omitting mention of his name.

“And nobody wants me to talk about your other senator who is weak on borders, weak on crime. So I won’t’ talk about him. Nobody wants me to talk about him. Nobody knows who the hell he is. So now — I haven’t mentioned any names — so now everybody is happy.”

However, Trump has been more direct on Twitter, calling the Arizona senator “toxic” and a “non-factor.”

As he expounded in detail in a New York Times op-ed, Flake is against Trump’s immigration agenda. Whereas Trump has endorsed the RAISE Act, which would raise American wages by cutting immigration in half, Flake supports open borders and mass third-world migration.

The numbers speak for themselves, and it’s clear how Arizonan voters side. Jeff Flake’s pathetic pot-shots at the President have made him irrelevant in conservative politics. He will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history.