As Jewish Family Lies Dying, Muslim Kids Surround Them, Do The Unthinkable

The mainstream media were quick to glorify a Palestinian terrorist who murdered two Israeli civilians, shamelessly reporting one “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.” However, they refused to disclose the sickening acts committed by the Palestinian children who saw the heinous terrorist attack, simply because it would be considered Islamophobic.

Adele Benita, her husband, Aharon, and their two toddlers were brutally attacked in Jerusalem’s Old City Saturday by 19-year-old terrorist Muhanad Shafeq Halabi. Aharon was stabbed by the young anti-Semite, but managed to punch his attacker.

Halabi then turned his attention on Adele, who suffered multiple stab wounds, as the pair fought to gain control of knife.

“Suddenly, he [the terrorist] emerged from one of the shops, that vile murderer,” Adele told Channel 2 News. “I didn’t understand what was happening to me.”

“I felt someone at my back, and then I saw my husband starting to confront him. Aharon punched him in the face. My husband is a big man; he really fought with him. He’s extremely strong… [But then the terrorist turned around] and started stabbing me, and after that resumed stabbing my husband.”

As Jewish Family Lies Dying, Muslim Kids Surround Them, Do The Unthinkable
Muhanad Halabi, 19, (top left) attacked the Benita family with a large knife.

Adele, 22, Aharon, 21, and their 2-year-old son, Natan, were clinging to life in the streets when Muslim residents came outside to see what had happened — but they weren’t there to help.

“I really begged, ‘Help me, help me!’”

“Many Arabs were around us watching what was happening. They simply laughed and smiled.”

Adele revealed that excited Muslim youths joined in with their parents, spitting on her, cheering, and shouting, “You should die, too!” Algemeiner reports.

As Jewish Family Lies Dying, Muslim Kids Surround Them, Do The Unthinkable
As the Benitas lay dying, Palestinian men, women, and children hurled insults, laughed, and spit at them.

The desperate mother offered a Palestinian youth one million shekels if he would only help her and her children to safety. Instead, the boy slapped her face and told her to “drop dead.”

Adele knew that if she stayed in the street, the crowds were surely kill her and her family. With the knife still stuck in her shoulder, she ran past the crowds of sadistic Palestinians towards local security.

“As I ran to them, I heard cursing; I got slapped, yelled at. They were animals. I felt that it had been organized.”

In the entire neighborhood, only one person ran to help the dying Jewish family — Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, a 41-year-old Jewish resident of Old City, Crown Heights reports. It was at this time that Halabi grabbed a pistol from one of the victims and began firing, hitting the Rabbi and killing him.

As Jewish Family Lies Dying, Muslim Kids Surround Them, Do The Unthinkable
Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, (left) and Aharon Benita, 21, (right).


Adele managed to evade the mob of anti-Semites, reaching authorities just in time to save herself and her two small children. Aharon died soon after reaching the hospital.

According to Yeshiva World News, Adele is still in severe condition, while her son, Natan, is recovering well. Her infant daughter was miraculously unharmed.

Not only have the mainstream media given way to political and religious bias, they are successfully whitewashing Palestinian and Muslim violence, and demonizing the only democracy in the Middle East.

This sickening behavior isn’t the act of a radical, but the consistent perpetuity of the violent, intolerant, and even racist bearing of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, as is evident in their children. This Jew-hatred is spewed throughout the Quran and Hadith, and Muslims are sworn to fight until there is no more disbelief in Allah.

As long as the media continue to scrub reports of this Islamic hatred, they will aid in the destruction of our freedoms.

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