Jihadi Kills American Teen, SICK Social Media Posts Mirror Obama’s Response

Thirteen-year-old Hallel Ariel was sleeping in her bed when she was savagely stabbed to death by a 17-year-old Muslim jihadi. If that was not bad enough, disgusting social media posts on Facebook mirror Barack Obama’s response, and you’ll be shocked when you see these comments that are totally condoned by our American government.

As Mad World News reported a few days ago, Hallel Ariel was a 13-year-old girl living in Israel who was viciously stabbed to death by a 17-year-old Palestinian jihadi making a bloodbath out of her bedroom. Within a few hours, the US State Department confirmed that Hallel was an American citizen living in Israel.

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What is completely unacceptable is the social media posts that appear on Facebook which in a sick way mirror Obama’s own feelings on Hallel’s murder. According to PalWatch.org, the Facebook page called Official Fatah posted a tribute to the Muslim murderer:

“Fatah’s official Facebook page immediately posted his picture, declaring him a Martyr — “Shahid,” the highest honor achievable in Islam according to the Palestinian Authority.” [via PalWatch.org]

Facebook page “Official Fatah” paying tribute to “martyr” who murdered Hallel Ariel.

How in the hell is this vile Facebook page and post allowed to still be in existence? Those of us who report on radical Muslim terrorism get flagged by Facebook for posting relevant news, yet these sickos are allowed to have this post still active and they are still operating their deranged Facebook page that is pure propaganda for those who want to annihilate America.

Well, it goes right along with our dear leader’s response to this murder of an American — Obama is utterly silent. That silence is deafening and it does mean something. An American teen was brutally murdered while she was sleeping in her bed, and Obama makes sure he does nothing. He can’t even give lip service to condemning a Palestinian terrorist because that might piss off his friends at the Palestinian Authority (PA), who are just a bunch of lowlife terrorists.

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Hallel Ariel (left), her bloody bedroom following murder (right)

The world has become relatively small, and there are two camps left — those of us who see Muslim terrorism as the biggest threat to the world and those who back the diabolical forces either by deed or action. Clearly, certain social media platforms are allowing the evil force of radical Islam to spread their jihad, and we have a president who is a radical Muslim sympathizer.

Sure, it is no surprise about Obama, but what is telling is that the Facebook page of the terrorist sympathizers praising an idiot who murdered an American is still active. In some ways, I see that as treasonous. Either you are an American who does everything in your power to actively stop terrorism or you are a traitor who is aiding and abetting it by giving it a pass.

We can only hope that America will soon have a president that loves this country enough to do everything in his power to protect all American lives and soundly blast Islamic terrorism back into hell where it surely came from.

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[h/t CNS News]

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