WATCH: Furious Rep. Jim Jordan Drops Brutal Truth Bomb On Corrupt DOJ, Obama, And The FBI

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Epic video footage has surfaced of furious Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) slamming our dirtbag Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his refusal to appoint a 2nd special counsel despite the new damning evidence against the corrupt DOJ, Barack Obama, and the FBI for their attacks on President Donald Trump. The roof is on fire, and you don’t want to miss the truth bomb that Jordan just dropped.

Jim Jordan (background), Rod Rosenstein (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Fox News Insider)

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday, December 13, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was called to answer for his corrupt decisions to protect dirty cop Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, and the FBI from further investigation.

Congressman Jordan was nothing less than irate and didn’t pull any punches as he burned Rosenstein in front of the committee after damning text messages were released by the Department of Justice showing how sinister the plot was to prevent Trump from becoming President and proving that the deep state had an “insurance policy” in place if he was elected.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Rosenstein sat before the committee with a smug look on his face as Jordan ripped into him for denying the American people justice and transparency. Jordan zeroed in on the newly-released text messages from 2016 between corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI agent Lisa Page, who were reportedly having an affair with each other.

It’s sickening that trashy individuals like Strzok and Page are allowed to acquire jobs within our federal law-enforcement community, but unfortunately, that’s the least of our worries.

It’s a proven fact that Mueller removed Strzok from his team of Trump-hating “investigators” when he posed a risk to the mission to remove Trump from office. According to Fox News, in the now exposed text messages from Strzok to Page, he expressed his support for Hillary Clinton and called Trump a “f****ing idiot” and a “d**che.” He also wrote “F TRUMP.” I’m sure Strzok sees himself as a liberal Robin Hood type character, but he’s nothing more than a political hack who deserves a lengthy prison sentence, along with Mueller and the rest of his merry men.

Jordan read aloud several of the messages and pointed out that Strzok is a narcissistic individual who believed himself to be “super-agent James Bond at the FBI.” Strzok truly believed it was his job to protect America from Trump. This is the level to which our country’s top federal agencies have fallen. What a disaster and an embarrassment it is to see that the FBI has become nothing more than a political weapon for the left.

Jordan summed up the situation accurately when he stated that the evidence points to the FBI and the Obama Justice Department working with the Clinton campaign against the Trump campaign. This is the kind of corruption you’d expect in Venezuela and other third-world countries, but men like Rosenstein are now ensuring that the United States is a prime example.

Jordan demanded that Rosenstein give the American people justice by stating the need for a 2nd special counsel to look into all of the new damning evidence. Rosenstein, a practiced liar and conman, brushed Jordan off with a smug look on his face and insisted that the Inspector General’s office was responsible for investigating departmental wrongdoing. If that’s so, why isn’t anything being done? Jordan wasn’t satisfied with Rosenstein’s evasive answers, and rightfully so.

As this political mess continues to unravel, it’s even more crucial that American patriots continue to support Trump and remember how the left struggled to keep power even after they were voted out of the oval office. It’s time for our Congress to follow the lead of representatives like Jordan and demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions do his job or step down.

This mess is a direct result of AG Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the fraudulent Russia investigation just after he was sworn in. Please share this with others if you agree that Sessions and Rosenstein need to be held accountable.

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