VIDEO: Joe Biden Sounds Potentially Intoxicated & Slurs Words Badly At 1st Rally

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Former Vice-President Joe Biden made his debut as a presidential candidate. The 76-year-old Democrat held his first rally in Pittsburgh, and it was one hot mess as he sounded potentially intoxicated. Slurring his speech badly, the shocked crowd looked on as he tried to articulate simple words. Don’t miss this.

Joe Biden at his Pittsburgh rally (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

President Donald Trump’s nickname for the former vice-president is “Sleepy” Joe Biden, however, after his debut rally in Pittsburgh, the president might want to change that to “Drunk Uncle Joe.” Whatever was causing Biden to slur his words so badly is a mystery, but that didn’t change his overall message which came off just as bad as the words he butchered.

“Biden, who turns 77 this year and will turn 78 before the next president is sworn in, stumbled over words in Pittsburgh, lost his train of thought, and slurred phrases to a point where you could not even understand him,” Breitbart reported. “What’s more, despite some impressive plastic surgery on his face, Biden’s hair has passed the gray stage to enter the decrepit stage where it’s so white it looks brittle.”

Biden repeatedly stumbled and slurred his way through his brief, 27-minute remarks in Pittsburgh. His almost every sentence was peppered with verbal stumbles.

He opened: “I want to thank Rich Fritzgerald, the county executive for — the baladanny — the Alleghengy County executive for being here.”

“The country wasn’t built by Wall St. bankers, CEOs, and hudge — heh — and hedge fund managers,” Biden stammered during what was supposed to be a headline moment. At various points, he stumbled over words like “dignity,” “successful,” and “hospitals.”

Occasionally, words were entirely indecipherable as this video shows:

Biden’s message was just as troubling as his performance. With the economy booming, the two-time presidential loser can’t run on a failed economy or high unemployment rates, so his advisers decided he would tell Americans we need to change how we define a good economy.

“I think we have to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful economy,” Biden said. What? No wonder he sounded drunk. Look, you can’t change the math. You can’t say America is “struggling” when unemployment is at its lowest rate in 60 years. You can’t say the stock market breaking records is bad for Americans. Not only was Uncle Joe sounding intoxicated, but his message was also as ridiculous as he sounded.

Breitbart’s political analyst John Nolte hit the nail on the head in his assessment of Biden’s epic failure as a candidate. “Age is not a factor in presidential politics. Vitality is. Virility is. If you still got it, you could win the presidency in your 80s,” said Nolte. “The problem for Biden is not the number 76, it is that he is no longer the Joe Biden we remember — who was never all that impressive, who was never a good presidential candidate, but he was not this guy — was not an old man past his prime looking to hold on when he needs to get out of the way.”

“I have a very simple philosophy about presidential elections, at least in the television age that began with John F. Kennedy in 1960… The alpha male always wins. An economic crash could end that streak, but if you look back you will see that this is how it has always shaken out,” Nolte concluded.

And a roaring economy always wins. Americans see Biden and right away they think of the Barack Obama years. No one wants to go back to high employment, millions on food stamps, and a failed foreign policy. Biden looks washed up and sounds washed up. He has no real message.

Now, the mainstream media will tell you Biden is ahead of Trump in the polls. Well, we won’t be fooled by these so-called polls again. The New York Times had Hillary Clinton at 85% percent and Trump at 15% percent on Election Day, which they said was based on “the latest national and state polls.”

Hey, maybe Biden had a bad day Monday, but over the last few weeks they have all been bad days and this frail old man who showed up in Pittsburgh has no business running for president. He is already a two-time presidential loser, and now he’s just too old. It’s not an age thing, more than it is an energy thing. Trump has the “energy edge” along with keeping his promise to make America great again.

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