John Cusack Attacks ‘MAGA F*cks’ After He Sits During Military Salute, Regrets It

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Actor John Cusack was spotted “staying firmly seated” during a salute to the military at last night’s Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago The hardcore leftist then got angry and attacked Trump supporters. “I didn’t stand up for Boeing military salute – fast enough for some MAGA f*cks – see?” But that’s not all. Don’t miss how patriots made Cusack utterly regret it. You’ll love this.

John Cusack sits during a salute to our military (left), Wrigley Field in Chicago (right) (Photo Credit: CWB Chicago/Twitter, YouTube/Screenshot)

John Cusack is an infamous Trump-hater on social media where he’s lately getting his kicks since his career has fallen flat. Cusack will immediately block anyone who supports the president, so it was a no-brainer that the unhinged leftist would end up getting caught acting like a fool.

The 52-year-old actor who is from Chicago, Illinois, was in a coveted seat last night right behind home plate at the Cubs-Phillies game at Wrigley Field when spectators were invited to stand for a fourth inning “Boeing military salute.”

As Cusack remained sitting while others took to their feet, one fan captured the moment before posting it online. That’s when all hell broke loose in the paranoid mind of the Bernie Sanders supporter. After Cusack knew he was caught sitting, he immediately lashed out making excuses and attacking—who else—Trump supporters.

“Flag sucking halfwits – maga deathkkkult freaks Being anti war – is pro troops – pro human – RT @QsSupervisor: @johncusack By the way, trying to conflate appreciation for a private company that makes military hardware with ‘Love is Country’ is SUPREMELY fucked up,” tweeted the supremely unhinged Cusack. But that’s not all.

He followed that gem up with this tweet: “Trump. Wraps himself in the us flag – literarily hugs it. You think he’s a patriot?”

No wonder Cusack and Rosie O’Donnell are best buddies on Twitter. Their tweets are full of hate, four-lettered words, and a sense they are always pissed off. It must be the shared Trump Derangement Syndrome. Another compelling tidbit about Cusack is that many Trump supporters on Twitter are blocked by the hardcore Trump hater.

Patriots who have never engaged with Cusack on Twitter are blocked. It’s almost as if he spent weeks and weeks looking up profiles with “MAGA” or “Trump” and blocked them. So much for a spirited debate on the issues with Americans who don’t always agree with you. Just like a Marxist, Cusack has no time to hear others opinions. He’s always right.

Well, poor Johnny-boy was really made to regret his anti-American sit-down. Patriots sounded off letting him know he’s just another washed-up celebrity spitting in the face of our troops.

“You hit yourself by sitting like an elitist celebrity too good to show respect for the military. Please spare us with your claim of being supportive by wanting them home or by creating a movie no one cares about. Typical Hollywood: I act, therefore I’m above everyone,” said a Twitter user.

“Race baiting, country hating, and bigoted against half the population. This is the new Dem party condemning half the pop because they don’t view our nation through your socialist lens. Take your hate, anger and prejudice and get out,” tweeted Twitter user “S Storm.”

“Surly prick @johncusack can go f—k himself, nobody wants to listen to your bullsh*t excuse and finger pointing at Trump and his supporters, man up, you were caught being a disrespectful asshole at #WrigleyField,” tweeted “Cigarth Vader.”

“@johncusack what a rebel you are. Despite what you think it meant, you only alienated the vets and their families. Good job. Here’s to another Cub drought,” tweeted Major Tee.

Last week, Cusack was busy huddling with reality-challenged Democrats in Washington, D.C. for their “marathon public marathoning” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report and demanded that President Trump be “removed from office.”

Yes, you read that right. Cusack traveled to D.C. last week to highlight the Mueller Report which exonerated Trump from any crimes and then demanded he is removed from office based on nothing. Cusack’s career isn’t the only thing on life support. The noted Trump hater’s become a punch line along with Rosie O’Donnell as the biggest buffoons in Hollywood who have lost their minds and careers to a nasty strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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