Trump-Hating John Legend Refuses To Call Illegals “Aliens,” Immediately Made To Regret It

It is no secret that the entertainment industry is filled with egomaniacal liberals who love to preach about political issues that they have no business discussing. This time, musician John Legend, who is notorious for his name-calling and assaults on President Donald Trump, sent out a tweet insisting Americans stop using the term “alien” for illegals in our country. Legend’s words backfired big time as he was immediately made to regret expressing his uneducated opinion.

John Legend (left) sent out a tweet (insert) insisting people stop calling illegals “aliens.” Dreamers protesting after DACA decision (right) (Photo credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Twitter, Screengrab/YouTube)

John Legend is a multi-millionaire musician who is married to an egotistical model, but lately, they have become more well known for speaking out on their liberal political views than their original claims to fame. Since the 2016 election, Legend has not been shy about his hatred for President Donald Trump, and he remains in the spotlight for his political views instead of his professional success.

Since just about every liberal has taken their stab at discussing Trump’s DACA decision, Legend figured he’d try to make his voice heard by tweeting out, “Quit calling human beings ‘illegal aliens.’ They’re people. They’re our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. They’re dreamers & lovers.”

The reactions to Legend’s tweet are priceless, and the backlash continues to pour in, forcing him to eat his own words. Legend might have a problem fighting for his illegals and dreamers if he cannot accept the term “alien” after one Twitter user found it appropriate to educate Mr. Legend on what his favorite term DREAMer actually means.

That’s right, the term “DREAMer” came about from the DREAM Act, which stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. Oops.

Nothing is more comical than seeing liberals lose an argument just like they lost the election, but it gets better.  Another political activist thought it would be helpful to tweet Legend the definition of his forbidden words.

It looks like the Democrats have a lot of work ahead of them since they are going to be forced to change the dictionary and their acronyms since even their own choice of words offend them.

Luckily for the snowflake who was put in his place with facts and should regret opening his uneducated mouth, Legend had a few other celebrity losers to support his idiotic opinion. Twitchy sarcastically reported that MC Hammer agreed with Legend, saying, “You can’t touch the term ‘illegal alien.'”

Others called Legend out for his lack of grasp on reality, tweeting, “They’re human illegal aliens. I’ll wager that you hang out with absolutely none of them,” and, “yeah alright Mr. @johnlegend, tweeting this no doubt from behind a 15-foot fence in a gated community.” Another said, “I agree that they are friends, neighbors, and co-workers. How does that change the fact they are in the country illegally. A fact is a fact.” With all the facts thrown at Legend, he has yet to respond, and we assume he’s too humiliated to do so.

Anyone who follows Legend on Twitter is no doubt becoming dumber by the second, thanks to his liberal opinion, which lacks logic. Legend may have felt good writing his tweet, but the backlash sure is enough to shut him up for awhile. The list of pompous celebrity pricks expands while educated Republicans lay into their ridiculous opinions.

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