John Legend Goes on Sick Rant Defending MS-13, Gets Put in His Place

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Avid Trump-hater John Legend joined the ranks of idiotic liberals to defend MS-13. The singer, though, took it a step too far with his sick comments. Now, patriots are putting him in his place, delivering a nasty surprise that he certainly didn’t expect.

John Legend joined the ranks of many liberals to defend the vile criminals of MS-13. (Photo Credit: William Haun/Flickr, Jan Sochor/LatinContent/Getty Images)

Let’s be honest: Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. People on the left cannot stand the fact that Donald Trump is the President. Since the election, they’ve been expecting him to implode. They really believe all the idiotic things they say about him. Yet every time he wins for America, they have a meltdown.

It’s reached a point where we can’t even take liberals seriously anymore. The things they do to attack the President are completely unbelievable. Take for instance the recent drama over Trump’s “animals” comment. You see, liberals really think Trump is a racist. They have no proof. In fact, there is considerable proof that Trump — over his entire career — has done great things for Americans of all races. That includes now.

But far be it from liberals to go by facts and evidence. They’ve invented this disgusting lie that Trump only cares about white people. So, they continue to look for examples to back that claim. They can’t, so they just make it up.

Case in point, Trump’s recent comments about the notorious drug cartel, MS-13:

“Animals” is too nice a word for these criminals. I know plenty of cats and dogs. They make better people than the members of MS-13. This drug cartel is one of the most brutal and violent groups in history. They are known for their horrific acts of torture, dismemberment, and child rape. The FBI calls it the most violent (and well-organized) gang in America. Yeah, Trump’s comments are completely justified.

Quickly, the left edited the above video to make it seem like Trump was referring to all illegal immigrants. Once again, they distorted the truth to slander the President of the United States. The liberal media is deliberately lying in order to discredit the man we elected.

Conservatives fought back, and many outlets had to retract their obviously bogus articles. Don’t expect Snopes to debunk that fake news anytime soon. They are actually perpetuating the lie.

While railing against California for its so-called sanctuary immigration policies, President Donald Trump referred to some people who cross the border illegally as “animals” — drawing a sharp rebuke from Democratic leaders for the harsh rhetoric. [Source: Snopes]

Some people? No, President Donald Trump was specifically talking about MS-13, who they don’t mention anywhere in their report on the “animal” comment.

Many of the most entrenched liberals are not backing down. That includes recording artist John Legend. He went on a Twitter rant, attacking Trump and defending the violent gang which butchers its victims.

If your hatred of Trump is SO INTENSE that you find yourself defending vicious ANIMALS like MS-13 gang members it might be time for an intervention. But if you’re blaming American policy for creating these monsters you are probably beyond the help of even an intervention and should just put the Twitter DOWN.

Like John Legend. This is a seriously gross dumpster fire of a thread. [Source: Twitchy]

Really, John? Comparing your newborn with a notorious street gang? Not smart.

Lol, okay. So, because these evil criminals were once babies, it absolves them of all their crimes? You know who was also a baby once? The man you’re attacking. Shouldn’t you show the PRESIDENT the same kind of consideration? Oh, probably not. You’re on your high horse after all.

And what did he say? “Collective action we could take to mitigate these conditions”? What the heck? Is John saying it’s our fault these scumbags joined a violent gang? Talk about peak liberal crap.

Wow. Just when you thought the left couldn’t get any dumber! More America-bashing from a liberal. Does John not realize that our nation’s law enforcement is the only thing protecting us from gangs like MS-13? Sure, Johnny has armed security to protect him and his little newborn. The rest us? We’re not so fortunate. The hard-working police officers in our country risk their lives to make sure every newborn isn’t the victim of heinous animals like MS-13.

Again, nobody in their right mind would defend a group like that. Unless, of course, they’re deranged liberals looking for an excuse to bash the President. Think of it. People like John Legend are siding with criminals instead of the Leader of the Free World. Politics are one thing, but scumbags who chop off victims’ body parts and dissolve them in acid is another.

Naturally, the Internet was not kind to John.

I wonder if this healthy dose of truth is enough to wake John up. Probably not. Liberals will continue to attack Trump over his “animals” remark. Hopefully, none of them will ever have to encounter an MS-13 in person.