As Jordan And Egypt Plead For Help With ISIS, Here’s How Obama Responds

Barack Obama has proven that his political image and career come before all else, even over the lives of fellow Americans. As other world leaders have taken to avenging the deaths of their citizens at the hands of ISIS, they’ve begun asking for a helping hand from the United States in their mission to obliterate the terrorist militants.

Acting in his all too familiar form of cowardice, Obama has effectively refused to help Jordan, Egypt, and Kurdistan in their missions against the Islamic jihadists.

News of the neglect came about during an interview with Greta Van Susteren, when Oliver North states that ISIS has now made it their outwardly clear objective to wipe Christianity from the globe. He later said that Italy views ISIS as an “existential threat to Western ideals, values, the Judeo-Christian system under which we’ve existed for 2,000 years.”

However, North dropped the biggest bomb when he said Obama is refusing any pleas for help when it comes to ISIS. Kurdistan has been begging for months for weapons and munitions from America – no dice.

The same goes for Egypt, who asked for intelligence on ISIS after 21 Christians were brutally murdered, but they have yet to receive such information. Likewise, since the death of the their pilot, Jordan has been asking for the location of known ISIS strongholds to which Obama has remained reluctant to oblige.

According to North:

“President El Sisi asked for American intelligence targeting intelligence before he led the strikes today – didn’t get it. King Abdullah of Jordan asked for Intelligence data on targets to respond to the murder of a Jordanian aircraft pilot. The Kurds are begging for arms and ammo from the United States, not one bullet has been delivered by the United States.”

In all, Obama is a coward.

[Watch] As Jordan And Egypt Plead For Help With ISIS, Here’s How Obama Responds

Beyond the fact that he won’t refer to ISIS members as “Islamic jihadists” and neglected to refer to the 21 Egyptians so savagely murdered as “Christians,” America’s Commander-in-Chief continues to demonstrate that he has no spine. Not willing to risk his political standing (which isn’t even that good to begin with) in order to do what is right, Obama is only hurting everyone in the long run by putting off the inevitable.

Americans needs to get their hands dirty in order to ensure our safety later on. If Obama is allowed to ignore this threat any longer, it will only be a matter of time before it grows to such a force that we may not be able to fully defend against it down the road.

Will Obama then take responsibility when Americans are dying on American soil on account of his neglect – or will this, like so many other issues, simply be someone else’s fault?

(h/t: The Gateway Pundit)

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