Joy Behar Attacks Melania & Barron With Low-Blow ‘Sexual Remarks,’ Gets Epic Smackdown

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Joy Behar (left), Melania & Barron Trump (right)

Joy Behar, the idiot host from The View, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and made the huge mistake of attacking Melania and Barron Trump. The remarks were tasteless, tactless, and of a sexual nature. Behar can’t seem to shake her obsession with President Donald Trump and his family, but this time, she went too far as she immediately got an epic smackdown she won’t soon forget.

Joy Behar continues her delusion that she is a comedian, and she is grasping at straws, trying to stay relevant. So, when she appeared on Seth Meyers’ Late Night show, she decided to use juvenile tasteless jokes to attack First Lady Melania Trump and her young son Barron.

“On ‘The Late Night’ with Seth Meyers, Behar treaded into high-school terrain by jesting, at Melania Trump’s expense, that she ‘feel[s] sorry for her’ because ‘she had to sleep with him once. At least once, she did.’ The ‘him,’ of course, is President Donald Trump. And the reference to ‘at least once’ was about the conception and birth of the Trumps’ son, Barron,” reports Washington Times.

While we are sure Barron Trump doesn’t watch Meyers’ Late Night show, there is no doubt that Behar’s gross remarks can be found on Twitter or Facebook, and Barron will probably come across them. Unfortunately, Behar was just getting warmed up with her disgusting routine. She then spoke of Melania’s stay in New York, while her husband moved into the White House. The temporary separation, as it was widely reported, was due to Melania’s insistence that Barron finished the year at his existing school.

But, Behar couldn’t resist using the separation to make it out to be all about sex. “And then, when she was in New York, and we had to pay a million dollars a day to keep her here just because she doesn’t want to sleep with him, we had to pay for that,” Behar said, as Mediaite reported. “I didn’t like that.”

Meyers played right along with Behar, and you have to ask yourself what would happen if someone had said anything like this about Barack and Michelle Obama? Unfortunately, Behar isn’t alone. Johnny Depp, Hollywood actor, just joked about assassinating Trump. In January, pop icon Madonna joked about “blowing up the White House.” And, the list goes on.

Washington Times reports, “In February 2016, when talk of a Trump presidency was just making media waves, comedian George Lopez tweeted a gruesome image of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, of Mexico drug kingpin fame, holding the severed head of Trump. Along was the image was this text, mocking Trump’s own campaign mantra: ‘Make America great again!’” But, I digress.

In the most recent disgusting display from the “entertainment” industry, Behar didn’t count on Americans giving her the smackdown when she attacked the Trumps. But, that’s just what happened when the Late Show tweeted out the interview, thinking they’d get praise. Instead, they found out no one thinks this crap is funny.

Months ago, Behar insinuated on The View that Donald Trump did not care about the future of his grandchildren, saying, “President Trump has grandchildren also. It amazes me that he is not concerned about his grandchildren. What does that say about him?”

What does it say about Joy Behar that she has a grandson who is plagued by a grandmother who is a sick, disgusting shrew, a woman who makes her living by trash talking the President of the United States? She’s a seventy-four-year-old hag who should know better. Joy is a joke and has always been a no talent hack. Thank God, the last laugh is always with the Trumps. Joy Behar is the butt of all jokes the minute she opens her big mouth.

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