Joy Behar Crosses The Line — Goes After President Trump’s Kids With Nasty Smear

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Joy Behar’s hate for President Donald Trump seemingly knows no bounds. As she and her co-hosts have turned The View into a daily dose of Trump-bashing, viewers are often left wondering how low she and her cohorts will go. Well, we just found out. Behar crossed the line, going after the Trump kids with a nasty smear. Don’t miss this.

Joy Behar (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

It all began when co-host Meghan McCain kicked off a conversation addressing President Trump’s comments regarding a pardon for his former presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort. “It was never discussed, but I wouldn’t take it off the table,” Trump said during an Oval Office interview. “Why would I take it off the table?”

Well, Joy Behar thought she had an answer to that very question.

First, McCain made it clear that she was incensed that the President would consider a pardon for Manafort, blasting him as “a traitor to the United States of America” and screeching about “blood money,” according to The Political Insider. That’s when Joy decided to chime in with her infinite wisdom, jumping at the opportunity to take a jab at the Trump kids.

“The thing that makes me most angry is the idea that Paul Manafort could possibly be pardoned,” an angry McCain seethed, furious that a pardon for Manafort was a viable consideration for the President. “If he is pardoned, I don’t know what I’m going to do on this show,” she furthered.

But, Joy had a little reassurance for McCain. Scoffing at the notion that Trump would pardon his former campaign manager, the Joyless wonder quipped, “I think he has to save the pardons for his children, frankly … There’s a lot of kids in the family.”

Of course, she was met by loud chuckling from the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, but the shrews neglected to address an important point in their so-called news coverage. Although the hens might have “jokes,” they don’t necessarily have facts on their side.

Why would President Trump need to pardon his children? The liberal panel and their viewers might believe the entire Trump family is a global crime syndicate, but those beliefs, no matter how deeply held they are by the left, have no real basis in fact. And, even though Joy would be quick to pass off such disinformation as a “joke,” make no mistake, it’s all an intentional ploy to sway the uninformed and possibly provide some cover for the Mueller investigation.

Sadly, the Mueller investigation cares about facts as much as The View shrews, and Donald Trump Jr. “could be targeted” for indictment, according to the former adviser to President Trump and legendary Republican operative Roger Stone. In an exclusive interview with The Political Insider, Stone gave two reasons he thinks Mueller and his merry men could set their sights on Trump Jr.

“He mentioned the infamous payment of $130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels from the President’s then-personal attorney Michael Cohen,” The Political Insider explained. “Stone notes that the reimbursement of those funds to Cohen ‘requires two signatures of approval.'”

“One of them, of course, would be Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization, who has already become a cooperating witness for Mr. Mueller,” Stone said. “But the other one has to be either Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump,” he added, meaning it could land either Trump Jr. or Eric Trump in hot water should Mueller decide to pursue that as an alleged campaign finance violation.

However, it would be a debatable violation at best. But, when has something being highly debatable been enough reason to stop the deep state in their pursuit to take down Trump? So, could the President’s sons find themselves on the receiving end of an indictment? Sadly, nothing is out of the question when it comes to the witch hunt we’ve seen launched against our duly elected President.

Even so, Joy Behar was, as usual, exaggerating any shred of truth with her hyperbolic assertion that Trump’s children will eventually need to be pardoned. This is no surprise since consistently making outrageous comments for effect is the entire show’s MO.

But, what do we expect when a comedian suddenly tries to pass herself off as a political pundit? Well, it’s certainly not funny or humorous, that’s for sure.

Anyone who takes the drivel that drips from Joy’s lips as fact needs to be reminded, this is the same woman who likened praying to a “mental illness.” Yet, she’s the one who proves she might need her head checked. After all, when a person’s mental state is evaluated to determine if they are alert and oriented, they are often asked: “Who is the President?” Those like Joy Behar, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, prove they can’t even get that right with their claims of “not my President.” Yes, he is, and all the whining and witch hunting hasn’t changed that.

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