Angry Joy Behar Makes Stupidest Mistake Explaining Why Democrats Lost Senate

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Joy Behar and her co-host on The View were shocked that there was no blue wave. As always, Behar had to blame it on anyone but the Democrats themselves. In fact, when an ABC News political analyst tried to tell her that President Donald Trump is an astute political player, Joy wasn’t having any of it. Then, she made the stupidest mistake trying to explain why the Democrats lost the Senate. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The View used to be a mid-day women’s program. It was not this political circus we see today. And it is apparent that they may want to go back to the old format after what happened yesterday.

The show started with Whoopi Goldberg acting somewhat subdued while talking about the midterm election. “Congratulations America, you came out to vote in record numbers in the midterm election,” began Goldberg. Then, she tried to sell it since the blue wave didn’t happen. “It was a great thing, a great thing, ” added Whoopi with mock excitement.

Joy sat silently. She was really upset over Beto O’Rourke losing. For weeks, blabbermouth Behar was certain he would unseat Ted Cruz, who Joy hates with a vengeance. “You know,” said Whoopi, “It wasn’t the blue wave Democrats were predicting, but the Democrats did take back the House, and there was a lot of historic wins.”

Goldberg asked her co-hosts if they had watched the results. Right away, Behar explained her Election Night. She said, “I was on this rollercoaster-like from 2016.” Then, Joy claims it was Fox News who saved the day by making the early prediction that the Democrats would take control of the House.

By all accounts, Joy was not happy at all. The problem is the Democrats promised and didn’t deliver, and that brings us to the segment which Behar probably wishes she could take back. ABC News political analyst Mathew Dowd joined the shrews, and Joy wanted to understand why the Democrats didn’t take the Senate back.

Dowd says, “There has been a battle that happened in 2016 between geography, which Republicans have. There’s more red states, there’s more red areas, and demography, which Democrats have. The fastest group of voters in the country are more Democratic, people of color, women, urban voters, suburban voters, Latinos, those are tending more Democratic.”

He continued, “In 2016 we had a split decision. Trump takes the electoral college with geography. Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote. Last night was an even bigger example of that. So Democrats won the popular vote last night by 8 million votes. They lose U.S. Senate races in red areas—

Joy interjects, “Because of gerrymandering.”

Dowd corrected her by saying, “Well it’s not gerrymandering, that’s the Constitution. The districts are gerrymandered, but the states are part of the Constitution.”

Of course, the Senate races have nothing to do with gerrymandering or districts. We all know every state has two Senators who are elected by popular vote by their states. This led to big mouth Behar getting excoriated on social media.

Twitchy reported, “Is it too much to ask that people who talk about politics on TV have an 8th grade understanding of the U.S. government?”

No, it’s not too much to ask, but consider the source. And to think leftist politicians actually go on the ridiculous show and want to be endorsed by the shrews.

Well, the poor shrews were at each other’s throats over the midterms. Meghan McCain got up on her high horse and explained that it’s okay to hate Trump but vote for “real conservatives.” Maybe she can enlighten us sometime on what part of Trump’s agenda isn’t conservative?

Is it the border and illegal immigration issues? Or maybe his pro-life stance? Maybe it’s how he cut regulations and the economy is humming? What’s not conservative? McCain is really getting on as many nerves as loudmouth Behar. Well, poor Joy really made a big fool of herself this time. We never know what kind of idiocy we will find on The View. 

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