Video: Joy Behar Lies About Trump, Gets Immediate Smackdown In Return

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Joy Behar Lies About Trump, Gets Immediate Smackdown In Return
Pictured: Joy Behar (left), Ann Coulter (right)

“The View” has become known for regurgitating left-wing narratives, often without challenge, but the hosts recently met their match. After Ann Coulter’s speech was canceled at Berkeley, the women of “The View” invited her to speak with them. Things were going well, at first, but Joy Behar just had to demonize President Donald Trump, a move she came to instantly regret.

As The Blaze reports, Coulter’s segment started out on a high-note, with Behar telling Coulter, “We believe in free speech here,” a reference to the canceled Berkeley event. Surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg echoed the same sentiment, commenting, “Berkeley, you made a mistake, man. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. That’s the law.”

However, when the conversation shifted from free speech to President Donald Trump, things started to go south. Coulter defended Trump’s supposedly low poll ratings by saying, “I think polls, apparently, don’t work in the age of Trump,” adding that she still thinks of him as the “emperor god.” From that point, tensions only continued to escalate.

During Coulter’s second segment, things got more tense. Sunny Hostin asked about his tax plan, noting that “It’s clear, when you try to read it, it could save corporations trillions of dollars, which would directly benefit the Trump family and Trump’s businesses. Does that at all bother you, and does it bother you we haven’t seen his tax papers?”

Coulter said she’s not at all bothered that the President won’t release his taxes, saying, “I think he enjoys driving the press crazy,” and adding that she doesn’t think he has anything to hide. [Source:  Mediaite]

Goldberg took a swipe at Trump by implying that his poll numbers are low “because of all the people who he called rapists and murderers.” Coulter quickly replied, “But they’re not Americans!”

Things reached a crescendo when Behar unleashed a common but completely absurd liberal narrative about Trump’s relationship with Russia.

Ann Coulter busted out laughing at Joy Behar during her Monday appearance on “The View” after the host gave her theory about President Donald Trump’s ongoing battle with the media.

“See I have a theory that the reason he [Trump] wants his supporters to hate the media is because as soon as this Russian investigation is really fully vetted we’re going to find out that he possibly committed crime,” Behar told the conservative author. [Source:  Daily Caller]

Behar went on to say that Trump could likely end up in handcuffs. Coulter laughed hysterically as she labeled the Russia narrative “insane.” She then went on to educate the ladies of “The View” on Trump’s handling of “fake media.” Behar blurted out words like “crimes” and “treason” as Coulter put her in her place.

For most of us, the only reason we would tune in to “The View” is to watch a fiery conservative like Ann Coulter destroy one liberal narrative after the next. Other than that, the show is a boring waste of time.

The fact is, the Russia allegations have been absurd since the beginning. Liberals like Joy Behar cannot accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost and is gone from politics for good. As long as President Donald Trump keeps winning, they will continue to spout these stupid explanations for his success.