Behar: Americans Swayed By Schiff’s Great Case Against Trump, Gets Reality Check

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg were just blown away by Adam Schiff’s performance at Wednesday’s impeachment trial. In fact, Joy was so convinced that all Americans now think the president is guilty that she lashed out at Mitch McConnell for refusing to allow new witnesses until both sides had made their case. “I own you!” screamed Behar. “I mean it’s infuriating.” Well, poor Joy was in for a big reality check. You’ll love this.

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The View‘s cohosts take on Adam Schiff’s performance at Wednesday’s impeachment trial will blow anyone’s mind who knows all of the facts surrounding the Ukraine phone call scandal. Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin, who touts she’s an attorney, are all incredibly ignorant of the facts, and they are also in utter denial.

Goldberg started the discussion with this question: “Is Schiff helping to sway the public?” Whoopi then showed a clip of Schiff talking about “subpoenas” to obtain documents and force witnesses to testify.

“Will the Senate Republicans worry that not allowing witnesses will make it look like they have something to hide?” Goldberg asked with a big grin on her face. “[Schiff] laid it out pretty succinctly.”

“All I could think of was how do we look across the globe?” Behar said. She then goes on a rant about America’s role in World War II. What poor Joy didn’t know is that most Americans tuned out of the impeachment hearings, thanks to Adam Schiff.

In fact, President Donald Trump was in Europe where “the world” was praising him. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said: Donald Trump “is having an impact and now all European allies and Canada are investing more and this is making NATO stronger.”

The world isn’t thinking about this impeachment farce at all.

Whoopi claimed Schiff’s “subpoena” talk was “explaining” to Americans that “if you want to know what happened, here’s how we find out.”

She then asked: “Do you think what Adam Schiff laid out had an impact on Mitch McConnell’s [decsion not to call witnesses]?”

“I find it all so infuriating. Mitch McConnell, I own you!” Behar ranted. “You work for me. It’s appalling that—that same country [that won World War II] is now withholding information in a democratic trial.”

Next, The View‘s legal scholar, Sunny Hostin, weighed in.  

“I think Adam Schiff did an incredible job,” Hostin said.

“Yes, yes he did.” Joy said.

“I really do,” Hostin added as the leftist audience applauded.

“And as someone who has presented these types of arguments, not in front of the Supreme Court or in the Senate chamber, but in federal court, ahm, this is how you do it!” Hostin claimed. “And I saw uniform excellence across the board with these House Managers.”

Hostin then went on a rant gushing praise and admiration at the Democrats’ case, which in her “expert” opinion was by far the most convincing case of Trump’s guilt and all Americans are now swayed and on Schiff’s side.

That’s when Meghan McCain, looking like she wanted to pummel her cohosts, piped in.

McCain is no fan of Trump, but her fellow cohosts were so ridiculous, she felt compelled to give them a reality check. “I think as usual I always feel like I live on a different planet than everyone that works on this show,” McCain began with a laugh, adding, “Because when I saw Adam Schiff I actually thought that he seemed very performative and that he’s clearly trying to —”

“Clearly what?” Behar interrupted.

“Performative,” McCain repeated, going on to note that Schiff had eventually bored even members of his own party. “At the end of his speech Cory Booker, Joe Manchin, Tim Scott, and Ben Sasse were all walking around in the chamber because they were bored or wanted to leave, and I think there’s just a huge disconnect in the way liberals view this and the way conservatives view this.”

It’s mind-boggling at how incredibly dense the shrews of The View truly are about this impeachment case. On one hand, they claim Schiff and his cohorts have made such a stellar case that there can be no doubt that the president is guilty.

However, as Joy demonstrated, why are they then so focused on additional witnesses?

If Schiff has truly done what they claim, they need nothing more to prove Trump’s guilt, right? 

What is even more maddening is Sunny Hostin’s stupidity. Any attorney knows that the impeachment case is made in the House. The Senate impeachment trial is not like a court case trial. The case was already made in the House, and according to the Democrats, it was so overwhelming that they had no choice but to impeach the president.

Yet, now they are scrambling for more evidence and more witnesses. All Americans should see this as a huge red flag. 

In the Senate impeachment trial, the senators act as jurors and the same House case is laid out which led them to impeachment. The president’s attorneys defend him against the House case.

How do you know if you even need additional witnesses from those that already testified in the House? You have to hear both sides, first. The truth is the Democrats never had a case. That’s why there is this big call for  new “witnesses.”

The impeachment verdict should be removed. It’s pretty clear the Democrats do not think they had enough evidence to prove Trump’s guilt just by the fact they need more evidence and additional witnesses. It’s common sense, and you don’t have to be “an attorney who presented cases in federal court” to know Adam Schiff is no legal wonder and his case stinks to high heaven and would be thrown out in every court of law in this great land.

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