Joy Blows Gasket & Doesn’t Accept Trump’s Exonerated, Sarah Makes Her Regret It

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Joy Behar proved she’s a sore loser during Monday’s airing of The View. The 75-year-old former comedian and noted Trump-hater is on the record admitting the Special Counsel would be the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. Behar blew a gasket on air refusing to accept Trump’s been exonerated, and that’s when Sarah Huckabee Sanders made her regret it. You’ll love this.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Joy Behar (Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Joy Behar was like a little kid who didn’t get their way during Monday’s broadcast of The View, while Whoopi Goldberg could hardly introduce the topic of the findings of the Mueller report. Goldberg spat out her words, “Robert Mueller found no evidence the guy in the White House conspired with Russia.” She then claimed Mueller didn’t exonerate Trump for obstruction of justice, saying, “But you know who must not have read that part.”

And right away the shrews of The View had introduced their new talking point why the Mueller report won’t be accepted as clearing Trump. The truth is legal scholars agree Mueller purposely dropped the ball saying the obstruction of justice charge did not rise to the level of criminality, but there was not enough evidence to clear the president.

When in fact Mueller could have continued the investigation into obstruction but did not proves there was nothing there. Sol Wisenberg, who served as Associate and Deputy Independent Counsel under Judge Kenneth W. Starr during the Whitewater Investigation and Clinton-Lewinsky Investigations, told Laura Ingraham last night it’s a total sham. “Mueller left it up to Bill Barr to decide on obstruction and he cleared the president,” said Wisenberg. “You can’t have obstruction when there is no collusion. If Trump fired James Comey and there is no collusion then what was he obstructing?”

Well, it also should be noted that a president can fire anyone at any time for any reason, period. But, Joy Behar isn’t buying any of it. She still thinks Trump colluded with Russia. After Abby Huntsman called for unity in America and said every American “should all be happy” the president was cleared, Behar couldn’t stand it.

“Why did [Trump] keep his conversations with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin secret, for example?” Behar asked. “What about what happened there? We still don’t know that. Why did he ask [former FBI Director James] Comey to go easy on [former national security adviser Michael] Flynn? Those are little questions that sound like obstruction to me. So I don’t buy that he’s completely exonerated, the way he just said.”

What? Is big mouth Behar actually saying after we had a $25 million dollar investigation over two years, with 19 lawyers, who were all Trump-haters, yet they found not one iota of evidence of Russian collusion that they somehow missed some secret talks with Putin that would prove Trump colluded?

She’s out of her mind. Hate is clouding any reasonable thought process. Well, Sarah Sanders had a nasty surprise for Joy Behar, and all those in the media who told the American public Trump was guilty and he would be arrested.

Sanders posted a chart of the worst anti-Trump offenders who spouted the Russian collusion delusion called “Mueller’s Madness,” courtesy of the New York Post. It shows Joy Behar in the “network” bracket getting a number two rating which is high. Only Alec Baldwin is rated a bigger offender over Joy getting the number one rating. These are the worst liars over the last two years.

Sarah tweeted, “Mueller Madness! Which of the angry and hysterical @realDonaldTrump haters got it most embarrassingly wrong? #YouDecide.” She also added, “How many times do the Democrats and their liberal media allies have to be proven embarrassingly wrong about @realDonaldTrump before they finally accept he’s been a great President?”

Americans were also weighing in on Joy Behar’s mass hysteria over the Mueller report. “@nypost Mueller Madness. Its Joy Behar for the win over here !!! Congrats Joy. …. you suck the most !!!” tweeted Sue Waters.

“@JoyVBehar ‘Robert Mueller may have reached at least one conclusion on his massive Russia probe, but that still isn’t good enough for Joy Behar.’ You just can’t stop the hating and focus on REAL American problems can you? Dear God GROW UP! #VileNVindictive,” posted Twitter user “Kristi.”

“Seriously, Joy Behar just needs to let the people with real jobs, do their job. If Mueller has came out and said there was collusion, she and the other Hollywood elite would have praised him and called him the savior. It didn’t end the way they wanted, so now it’s ‘not over,'” said Twitter user “Echo Lima.”

Joy Behar was never going to accept that President Trump is not guilty of the crimes she propagated on The View for two years. If she was truly sound mentally, the former HLN host would have been apologizing to the president and his supporters for spewing unverified reports. She would be humbly admitting she was swept up in the fake news and now has learned a vital lesson.

But when you have the mainstream media refusing to apologize, then what do we expect? Behar and her cohorts will go on spewing fake news. Yet, we bet there are a few fans who are re-thinking their support of the shrews on The View. Joy Behar may be 75-years-old, but she has gained zero wisdom. She’s just a washed up former comedian who reminds us why President Trump won in the first place.

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