Joy Says Trump Hasn’t Delivered Promises To His Base, Gets Destroyed

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Joy Behar seemed pleased as punch on The View as she claimed President Donald Trump hasn’t accomplished anything since he has been in office. Talking about Trump’s supporters, the former comedian laughed saying, “The base hasn’t really gotten anything.” Then she added, “They got hats!” Well, that’s when Behar got utterly destroyed by the truth. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Wednesday on ABC’s The View, co-host Joy Behar declared President Donald Trump had not delivered for his base. Her remarks were a result of the bigger conversation the shrews were having about the president’s insistence that the Southern border wall gets funded by Congress. 

Joy, Whoopi, and the rest of the Trump-hating co-hosts thought Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had trounced the president in that now infamous Oval Office meeting that was televised on Monday. 

But, that’s not how the majority of the country saw that meeting. In fact, the Daily Caller reported, “It was clear from the start that the Democratic leaders were not expecting to start their discussion in front of cameras, as they immediately defaulted to their talking points. For his part, Trump gave no ground, insisting on $5 billion to build portions of the border wall he promised during his campaign. In the end, the idea of a government shutdown to secure the border was fully embraced by the president.”

And the funny thing was, Pelosi and Schumer kept whining about the cameras. They claim they want transparency, but when it comes right down to it, they were begging the president to make the press leave, so their pro-open borders stance wouldn’t be exposed. 

Enter Joy Behar. The 75-year-old former HLN Network host is so uninformed. She thought Trump is adamant about the wall because he is scared he hasn’t accomplished anything for his base of supporters. 

“The base hasn’t really gotten anything else. The taxes didn’t really go down,” gloated Behar. “Their air is getting polluted. We don’t have any friendships around the world anymore. So what did the base get except maybe the wall? It’s like hope against hope.”

She added, laughing, “They got the hats. They didn’t get what they thought they were going to get.”

Whoopi Goldberg piped in saying Americans really don’t want the wall and so Trump should just pay for it. “[Trump] can open up that very fat wallet he talks about and start the ball rolling,” quipped Goldberg, her voice dripping with sarcasm. 

Laughing, Whoopi continued, “[Trump] can put 10% down, just 10% down because he is a construction guy and he can just get it built! I mean, how hard can it be for YOU to build the wall?” 

“And then pass the hat, you know, maybe put a ‘Go Fund Me’ wall page up,” joked Goldberg. The 63-year-old actress also agreed the president is so desperate since his administration hasn’t kept any promises. Could the shrews be more wrong? 

Nearly 3 million jobs have been created since President Trump took office. 304,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. The unemployment rate has dropped to 3.7, the lowest rate since 1969, and job openings have reached 6.6 million, the highest level ever recorded, reported NPR.

President Trump signed the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, cutting taxes for American families and making American business more competitive. American families received $3.2 trillion in gross tax cuts and saw the child tax credit double. 

Look, we could go on. The United States has overtaken Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the largest global crude oil producer, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This miraculous turn around all happened under Trump, and we aren’t even getting to the foreign policy wins like Israel or NATO or North Korea.

“Angry Americans United” tweeted, ” Trump has delivered more in two years than Obama did in eight. All the last President did was divide the country both socially & racially. Joy Behar and the rest of the #Fakenews syndicate is prime evidence of what Obama used his presidency for..HATE.”

 “Massimo Messina” also weighed in destroying Behar: #JoyBehar is completely off the reservation @POTUS is delivering everything he promised He has more than two years left in his presidency to get it done. So far so #MAGA.”

There were thousands of anti-Behar comments all over social media. Regular middle-class Americans utterly destroyed Joy-less’ lies about our president. It’s quite shocking to think the Hollywood crowd is so out of touch with what is really going on in the country. Well, they live comfortably behind cement walls and don’t worry about putting food on the table.

The only issue they care about is global warming, and they care more about illegal aliens than their fellow American citizens. Poor Joy. She got a rude awakening by Americans across the country telling her she’s just another ignorant imbecile who is blubbering on about topics way over her head. Americans would prefer she just keep her damn mouth shut. 

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