Joy: Everyone In US Must Leave Citizenship Question Blank, Audience Destroys Her

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Joy Behar urged everyone living inside the United States to leave the citizenship question on the US Census blank. She claimed it was all designed to favor the president and the GOP.  Behar said it was part of a “coup” attempt by President Donald Trump, which made no sense at all. Well, immediately the audience watching The View destroyed her. You’ll love this.

The audience at “The View” and Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

There are rumors Meghan McCain is so disgusted having to sit and listen to Joy Behar and the rest of The View‘s shrews crazy conspiracy theories, she’s right on the edge of quitting. This is what it looked like to viewers yesterday tuning into ABC’s far-left talk show.

The controversy started when Behar called on Americans not to answer the Trump administration’s proposed census question on citizenship. There has always been a citizenship question on the US Census despite what these ignorant Trump haters report.

“It helps Republicans doesn’t it?” asked Behar, referring to the citizenship question. The 76-year-old former comedian went on to explain “if you don’t count illegal people here it’s something about the districting and how Congress is set up.”

Districting is set up by population and always has been regardless of legal citizens versus illegals. So Joy is once again spewing wrong information to millions of Americans. 

Behar wasn’t done spouting misinformation. “It helps Republicans. The Electoral College helps Republicans. Gerrymandering helps Republicans. Gutting the Voting Rights Act helps Republicans,” she declared.

Everything she just said is wrong. We all know the Electoral College favors the Democrats. In fact, that is why people were so shocked Hillary lost. The “Blue Wall” is the Democratic stronghold states that mean all GOP presidential candidates have an uphill battle. It’s the Democrats election to lose as this map shows from right before the 2016 election:

MSNBC Electoral College Map from November 2, 2016, showing Democratic stronghold states in blue. GOP stronghold states in red. Toss-up states in gray.  (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

“They would like to make the country a Republican country without any competition — that’s basically what they’re doing,” Joy said before describing their actions as part of a “coup.” She later argued that Trump “should be embarrassed” that he can’t win elections “legitimately.”

McCain claimed that it wasn’t as easy for ordinary Americans, as it was for Behar, to ignore the citizenship question since the government would likely fine them thousands of dollars.

“You will be fined $5,000 to $10,000 if you don’t answer it,” McCain said, before adding, “I don’t think the average American can afford 10 grand.”

Behar responded by suggesting Americans could pretend they didn’t see the question and that it would be difficult for authorities to punish everyone who refused to answer.

“They can’t put all of us in jail. We’re about 200 some-odd million people in this country,” Behar added.

After the camera panned to an apparently disturbed McCain, Behar said, “lock us all up.” Behar argued that Trump wanted to add the census question so that he could eliminate competition for Republicans running for office.

Meghan McCain sat there looking like she was ready to pounce on big mouth Behar, but she ultimately did nothing knowing she is talking to an ignorant brick wall.

Yet, it was The Views’ own fans who destroyed Joy Behar’s ridiculous claims. Those who follow the ABC talk show on social media weighed in immediately:

“I think it’s a bit presumptuous to presume all non-citizens are Democrats and would vote Democrat. Also, why would anyone want a non-citizen to have vote? I thought we wanted non-citizens (a.k.a. Russia) to stay out of our elections???” tweeted Twitter user “AnneHall.”

“The question should be asked. Why shouldn’t we as a populace know how many people are non-citizens. And Pelosi can kiss my ass. Yes I’m white, yes I’m a citizen,” tweeted Anne Marie DeRenard.

“[T]he citizenship question was on it until 2010. Nobody complained til Trump became president,” tweeted “Black Cat Crafts.’

The New York Times is reporting The View is the most important political show on TV. Well, consider the source. It does not come close to having the same viewership as Fox News’ primetime lineup, and the majority of people tuning in are liberal, which is no surprise.

And it sure looks like Meghan McCain is ready to hit the road. Who can blame her? We have our differences with the 34-year-old Never Trumper, however, she is set up daily to answer a pack of lies the shrews’ report as the Gospel truth. It’s important to expose these untruths they tell daily, and it will only get worse as the 2020 presidential race heats up.

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