Joy: Global Warming Could Stop ‘POTUS Biden’ From Curing Cancer — Gets Trashed

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Joy Behar has just become the biggest laughingstock on The View due to her own ignorance. She claimed that when Joe Biden becomes the president his big promise to cure cancer has just one problem — global warming. Well, immediately Joy got trashed. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Joy Behar’s ignorance was on full display on The View. The 76-year-old former comedian wasn’t joking when she assumed Joe Biden was a shoo-in to beat President Donald Trump in 2020, but that’s not all.

Most people were stunned by the extent of Behar’s brain-washing. When candidate Biden announced he would be curing cancer if he got elected, the majority of people scoffed. It was Joe grasping at straws to get votes.

However, not only does Joy believe that Biden will be the next president, but she also sees him curing cancer too, although she says it will be tough due to global warming which is so toxic it causes so many cancers in the world.

This isn’t the thinking of a rational intelligent human being. 

It all started when the shrews were discussing Joe Biden’s 2020 pledge to cure cancer. “That’s why I’ve worked so hard in my career to make sure that… I promise you if I’m elected president, you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden said on Tuesday.

Biden looked like a fool. It was a pathetic attempt to diminish President Trump’s many accomplishments. Biden would promise anything to get elected.

Behar also decried how President Trump rolled back protections for the environment. “This president rolls back anything that will clean the air. They’re working against each other if they don’t also clean up the emissions,” she said.

That’s when co-host Meghan McCain said, “Vice President Biden said he’s going to promise to cure cancer if he’s elected. It’s one of his big promises.”

She continued, “He already had a big initiative that he helped government for brain cancer. This should be at the forefront. I don’t know why curing cancer hasn’t been.”

Behar said, “To that statement, I would say that curing cancer is going to be much more difficult when there’s so much climate change and pollutants in the environment. Because a lot of cancer is environmentally caused. This president rolls back anything that will clean the air. They’re working against each other if they don’t also clean up the omissions.”

Then, Whoopi Goldberg calls for Biden to be fearless, like Madame Curie.

“I think of Madame Curie, I think of all the great scientists who said, ‘You know what? I know this sounds crazy, but I’m going for it anyway.’ So you know what, Joe? If you can get us to the point where we eradicate cancer, that would be fantastic. I would love that,” Goldberg said before changing the subject to Pride month.

Well, immediately Americans erupted on social media letting big mouth Behar and her cohorts know what a joke they have become. 

“What are they smoking–or is it a terminally mental disease–get her help, now. ‘Joy Behar: Global Warming Could Stop Biden from Curing Cancer.’ Is TDS communicable?” tweeted Stephen Frank.

“They’re off the wagon, wheels fell off, horses ran away and they’re crawling in the desert at this point. Democrats are the laughing stock of America,” tweeted Twitter user “Wayne.”

“I never knew Joy was an acclaimed oncologist? As well as being a respected climatologist! She should definitely take a sabbatical from this gig and to be Biden’s campaign manager!!” tweeted Twitter user “Dan M.”

There were thousands of responses with one-liners accusing Joy of being the biggest “idiot on TV today.” Let’s just say she isn’t going to live this down anytime soon.

This is why The View, which was just named the “Most Important Political TV Show in America,” according to New York Times Magazine, needs to be taken off the air. We may laugh at how ridiculous the shrews are and we may think no one is listening to them, but brain-dead Democrats love this show.

So, we highlight their ignorance hoping to reach just one brain-dead Democrat. Thanks to Joy Behar, it’s getting easier and easier to prove this show is for mental midgets and is no way a show that reflects what the majority of Americans believe across this great nation.

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