Joy Gets Slapped Hard After She Exclaims ‘Today’s A Good Day For Trump To Resign!’

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Joy Behar was celebrating on The View today. The 75-year-old Trump hater reacted to the news that Micheal Cohen, former attorney to the president, is once again admitting he lied to Congressional Committees and reached a plea deal with Robert Mueller. Behar exclaimed, “Today’s a great day for Donald Trump to resign! Do it for me, Donald.” Well, poor Joy had no idea what she was talking about, and she immediately got slapped hard by the truth.

Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

ABC’s The View is just a bunch of cackling hens who all happen to share one thing in common; namely, they hate Donald Trump. Never was that so obvious as on Thursday mornings show when the shrews rejoiced over the news that Micheal Cohen, former lawyer to President Donald Trump, had reached a plea deal and admitted he lied about details surrounding a real-estate project President Trump had going in Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The View‘s resident so-called attorney Sunny Hostin was quick to skew the entire Cohen story. “Michael Cohen lied to Congress and the president lied to the American people about his finances,” said Hostin, as reported by Breitbart.

She added, “If these negotiations were going on while he was president, it’s precisely what the framers of our Constitution wrote in to protect the American people against. We want to make sure that this president, any president, is not putting his self-interest before the interest of the country.”

Oh, so now the shrews are worried about the Constitution? But, it gets worse. Behar asked, “Is there a smoking gun?” to which Hostin said, “I think so. There will be. There will be negotiation documents. There could be tapes … When people lie to federal prosecutors, don’t they know the federal prosecutors don’t ask questions they don’t know the answers to already? They have the FBI working for them. They’re the best investigative tool in the world.”

Then, Abby Huntsman, who is really making a name for herself as an utter dimwit, chimed in, saying, “They are usually asking questions they already have the answers too.”

Hostin then quipped, “We always  do that.” Oh, we always do that? Who is “we”? If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

Huntsman went on to explain that Cohen and Paul Manafort are “bad guys” and she isn’t surprised they lied because, well, they worked for Trump, so of course they lied. She ended with, “It’s not like [Trump] surrounded himself with upstanding citizens.”

That’s when Joy-less just couldn’t contain herself, and she exclaimed, “Today is a good day for Donald Trump to resign! I really believe that.” She added, “That would be my gift … Donald, do it for me, okay?”

Well, President Trump cleared up the entire Cohen debacle. Reporters caught up with the president as he was leaving to go to the G20 Summit, and he told reporters that the big Russian real estate deal in 2016 Cohen is referring to “never happened.”

“This is a deal that didn’t happen. That was no deal,” Trump said. “It was an option that I decided not to do. We had a position to possibly do a deal, to have a building of some kind in Moscow. I decided not to do it. The primary reason is very simple: I was focused on running for President. There would be nothing wrong if I did do it. I was running my business while I was campaigning. There was a good chance I wouldn’t have won, in which case, I would have gotten back into the business.”

Again, it’s a big nothing-burger that Mueller is grasping at as he tries like hell to prove a Russian collusion case that never happened. In fact, noted attorney Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, slammed the special counsel for having to “resort to false statement prosecutions,” arguing it shows Mueller “didn’t start with very much” to begin his investigation, Breitbart reports. 

And, Americans also slapped big mouth Behar hard for her ridiculous celebration. Twitter user Doris Pate tweeted, “‘Today is a good day for Donald Trump to resign. I really believe that,’ Joy Behar said. ‘Donald, do it for me.’ My response? Keep on dreaming Joy….You and the VIEW are a disgrace to television.”

Another Twitter user, “Noneya,” let Joy and the shrews have it, posting, “@JoyVBehar more people would rather you & the ENTIRE view resign [than] YOUR President Trump. Put that in Whoopi’s pipe & smoke it.”

So many Trump supporters were outraged over The View’s careless reporting. “Having the same bunch of people that think those same asinine things doesn’t make you anything but a one-sided View that does not go along with most of America. Try listening to other people,” wrote “Ruff Seas” on Twitter, and so many echoed the exact same sentiments.

Most Americans have no problem with people having a different point of view than they do — that’s what makes America great. But, the problem with the shrews is they refuse to report truthful information.

Instead, they take a topic and completely twist it, and the low information voters who tune in actually believe what they are saying is the gospel truth. That’s why The View has turned into a farce, and now, most people are laughing at the shrews, not laughing with them.

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